DIY Gift-Wrapping Ideas: Okra Gift Wrap

Let your child's creativity flourish with these easy-to-make okra pod stamps.
Okra Art

Okra Art

Okra pods make fabulous stamps, picking up just the right amount of paint to be pressed into a stunning, visually intriguing design.

Photo by: Image courtesy of Ashley English

Image courtesy of Ashley English

Okra pods make fabulous stamps, picking up just the right amount of paint to be pressed into a stunning, visually intriguing design.

The vast array of patterns present in the natural world are staggering. 

From the exquisite spiral of a sunflower head to the hexagonal beauty made manifest in honeycomb, patterns of every array imaginable make the natural world a visual delight. Whether during a forest hike, simple garden tour or farmer’s market meander, encourage the children in your life to keep a look out for examples of naturally occurring patterns. 

Apple and potato halves have long been employed in children’s crafting, owing to their unique pattern (as is the case with apples) and ability to be manipulated into infinite shapes (as is offered with potato cuttings). Using fruit and vegetable motifs as a point of inspiration, I looked to my garden for what other crops might offer interesting patterns. Though they might not be the first thing to come to mind, okra pods contain a lovely floral motif when cut open.

So put these double duty craft and food crops to use. After rendering a few into pickles or fried rounds, gather a handful and put them to use crafting. Okra pods make fabulous stamps, picking up just the right amount of paint to be pressed into a stunning, visually intriguing design. Stamped onto brown craft wrapping paper or onto craft gift bags, the pods can be pressed in a chevron pattern, on the diagonal, into a spiral, in contrasting color lines, or simply spread out randomly. The combined effect is quite pretty, and, when later used for gifting purposes, serves as a testament to both the beauty and bounty of summer. The pods can also be stamped onto a cardboard round, creating an original piece of art for your child’s room or a display area for their art in your home. 

Click the gallery below for step-by-step instructions. 

Materials for Okra Stamps:

  • Several fresh okra pods
  • Small pointy tip knife
  • Assorted colors of gouache paints
  • Paper plates or paper bowls
  • Scraps of paper
  • Brown craft paper bags, gift wrap, or cardboard disks (from frozen pizzas)

Stamped Gift Wrap How-To

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How to Make Okra-Stamped Bags, Paper, Art and More

Okra pods can be stamped into a lovely array of motifs and designs and is a fun project for the little ones.

Photo By: Image courtesy of Ashley English

Step 1: Cut the Okra

Begin by cutting off the top of an okra pod. Prep however many pods you'll need to match with the colors you'll be using.

Photo By: Image courtesy of Ashley English

Step 2: Remove Seeds

Using a pointy tip knife, remove the topmost seeds. This helps create a more clearly defined pattern.

Photo By: Image courtesy of Ashley English

Step 3: Dip the Pod Stamp

Squeeze a dab of paint out into a paper plate or bowl. Press the prepped okra pod into the paint and spread it around a bit.

Photo By: Image courtesy of Ashley English

Step 4: Remove Excess Paint

Press the pod onto a piece of scrap paper, to remove excess paint.

Photo By: Image courtesy of Ashley English

Step 5: Start Decorating!

Little ones might need a bit of help to get started. Their creativity will flourish once they grab hold of a pod, though.

Photo By: Image courtesy of Ashley English

Okra Art

Cardboard rounds from frozen pizza are great surfaces for children's okra stamp art.

Photo By: Image courtesy of Ashley English

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