DIY Garden Markers With Industrial Flair

Add an industrial edge to your garden rows with a few unexpected materials from your local home improvement store.

Mod Markers

Garden markers made from A/C dampers and assorted materials from the home improvement store.

Get Your Supplies

You will need: 6" A/C galvanized damper/1/4" all thread rod/1/4" connector nuts/hacksaw/tape measure/painter’s tape

Measure, Cut and Assemble

Measure the distance from the ground to the desired height of your plant marker. Use that measurement to cut the all thread. The end result will be 7 inches longer than your desired height. That extra length will be sunk into the ground. Mark the all thread with painter’s tape and cut with a hacksaw. Remove the extra fittings from the damper and attach the connector nut. Attach the damper and connector nut to the cut length of all thread rod.

Mark 'Em Up

Using permanent marker label the damper. Insert into the garden at the appropriate spot.

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