DIY Oil Diffuser Necklace That Simply Makes Scents

Who knew scent and style could go hand in hand? This simple DIY will make all your handmade jewelry dreams a reality while simultaneously smelling amazing.

It has been said that essential oils have the power to transform your health, from aiding headaches to promoting calm and so much more.  However, finding a way to get the most out of your favorite scents throughout the day can be a challenge. The solution: a necklace that will diffuse calming, fresh fragrances while you wear it — and a stylish one at that!

Photo by: Kamron & Ellie Sanders

Kamron & Ellie Sanders

Materials Needed

  • (2) 2" gold head pins
  • gold chain
  • needle nose pliers
  • (8) 8mm round lava beads
  • essentail oils
  • towel

Prep Pins

Take both head pins and straighten them as necessary. Next, clip the top off the head pin using needle nose pliers. Once you have two straight pins, the pendant-making process can begin. With the pliers in hand, bend the metal pin at one end to make a loop. Do not fully complete the loops as they will be pinched fully in a later step. Repeat this step with the second pin.

Trim Chain

Photo by: Kamron & Ellie Sanders

Kamron & Ellie Sanders

Next, trim the chain. Measure the chain around your neck to find your desired length. Once the desired length has been determined, cut the metal chain using the needle nose pliers. Be certain to cut in the center of one of the links to ensure the remainder of the chain is not bent or damaged. 

Thread Beads

Photo by: Kamron & Ellie Sanders

Kamron & Ellie Sanders

Holding the pin at the looped end, thread four lava beads onto the metal pin. All lava beads should be the same size, but for the best results, choose the beads that posses the most porous surface. This will allow for the maximum amount of essential oil to be absorbed into the beads. Once all four have been thread onto the pin, loop the other side of the pin to match the previously looped side to secure the beads onto the pin. Repeat with remaining pin.

Complete Necklace

Lay the cut necklace chain on a flat surface. Take one of the bead pendants and loop through the very last link on the end of the chain. The pin loop may need to be opened more in order for it to fit seamlessly within the chain. Repeat on the other side of the chain creating one continuous necklace piece with the lava bead pendant resting on the bottom. Using the needle nose pliers, pinch the head pin loops together to secure the bead pendant onto the chain. Decide where the second pin should be positioned, and attach with the method used previously. In the necklace we created, we placed the first beaded pendant at the first two chain links and the second pendant was placed approximately nine links up from the first pendant. 

Soak in Oil

Photo by: Kamron & Ellie Sanders

Kamron & Ellie Sanders

With the necklace complete, it's time to add your desired oils. Place both pendants in a small bowl, leaving the chain hanging off the edge so as not to douse it in oil. Place a few drops on each of the pendants (higher quality oil will require fewer drops). Let the necklace sit in the oil for approximately five minutes (or longer for a stronger scent). Rub the oil into the lava bead with your fingers. After the oil absorption has taken place, remove the necklace from the bowl, and place it on a towel. Make sure that any excess oil has been dabbed off of the beads so it does not  transfer on to any clothing. Your portable diffuser is now complete! Depending on the quality of oil used, the scent should last for about six hours. Add more oil as needed. 

Photo by: Kamron & Ellie Sanders

Kamron & Ellie Sanders

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