Modern Concrete Cone Ring Holders to DIY

Spruce up your nightstand or vanity with these stylish little towers that are the perfect homes for your rings, hoop earrings and bracelets alike.

A concrete ring holder is the perfect bedside table solution for your favorite baubles. These chic little towers are simple to DIY and can be personalized to your design style. Once created, they will be sure to transform the look of your vanity. 

Photo by: Kamron and Ellie Sanders

Kamron and Ellie Sanders

Materials Needed

  • card stock paper
  • tape
  • pencil
  • scissors
  • quick-drying concrete
  • concrete dye
  • water
  • stir stick
  • bucket
  • painter's tape
  • acrylic paint
  • paintbrush
  • utility knife

Create Molds

To begin the concrete molding process, lay a piece of thick card stock on a flat surface. Using the corner of the paper as the point of the cone, draw an arch-shaped line from one side of the paper to the other. Make sure that the cone shape drawn is symmetrical so that the cone, once formed, will be a true cone shape. The bigger the shape you draw, the larger the cone mold will be once finished. It may take some practice, but don’t be afraid to re-draw some lines. This portion of the project does not need to be picture perfect.

Next, cut the shape out of the card stock paper. Before trying to complete the cone mold, prepare a few pieces of tape to make it easier. Roll the paper pieces into a cone, and place them on a piece of tape along the seam of the cone. As needed, add tape to the base of the cone and any other places for added reinforcement.

Create Mold Stands

To ensure that the concrete hardens in an even and proper shape, it is important to create a stand for the concrete molds to sit in. Using a utility knife, cut a circle in the bottom of a small plastic cup. This will create a place for your card stock cone to rest without changing the intended shape of the final product.

Mix Concrete

Now it’s time to mix the concrete. For the ring holders that we created, we wanted some color variation, so we decided to add some black concrete dye to our mix. This was added into the water first to ensure even color distribution in the final mix.  In a bucket, add the water, and incrementally add the dry concrete until you achieve a relatively fluid consistency. It is better to have a mixture that can be poured easily into the molds than to have a mixture that has to be scooped, which will create a much rougher final product.

Pour Into Molds

Once your concrete has attained the desired consistency and color, it is time to place it in the molds. Filling as much or as little as desired, slowly pour the concrete mixture into the molds. For the ring holders we created, we filled the cones up at different levels so that we would have differing sizes in the end. After pouring the concrete into the molds, it is important to get rid of all air bubbles. Lightly tap the sides of cone mold with the palm of your hand until you see bubbles rise to the surface. Place the molds in the mold stands previously created and let dry.

Paint Ring Holders

Make sure that the concrete has completely hardened before you try to remove the paper mold. Slowly peel the tape off the paper, and unwrap the concrete cone. It may be necessary to sand the surface of the concrete to attain a smooth surface. Now it’s time to paint! Create a pattern with painter’s tape on the surface of the cone. Using any desired color, paint away! Let the paint dry completely before removing the tape. Now it's time to stack your rings!  But don't stop there. Adjust the size of the tower to create a concrete statue that can be used for hoop earrings or bracelets, headbands and more! 

Photo by: Kamron and Ellie Sanders

Kamron and Ellie Sanders

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