DIY Christmas Tree Yard Ornaments

Bring Christmas to your yard, garden or doorstep with the clean and instantly recognizable shape of these simple cone trees.

Cone Christmas Trees

The simplicity of these cone trees makes for perfect Christmas yard decor that is striking but not overpowering. You can use almost any color or texture to create your own trees and personalize them for your yard.

Shape the cone

Begin by gently rolling a triangle of chicken wire into a cone shape. Wear gloves when working with chicken wire to protect your hands from any sharp edges.

Twist Together

Use pliers to twist the cut edges of wire together along the seam so your cone will hold its shape.

Wrap the Cone

Wrap your cone with the fabric of your choice. Consider indoor/outdoor fabric or spray your tree with Scotchgard so it will last longer. Secure your fabric in the back with a few stitches or hot glue, and add any embellishments. This cone tree is wrapped in burlap and embellished with bright red beads attached with gold thread.

Go Beyond Fabric

You don't have to stick with fabric to make a beautiful cone tree. You can cover them with fruits, veggies, nuts or greenery. To use cranberries, cut a small slit about halfway into the berry, and then slide it onto the chicken wire. Continue until all exposed wire is covered. Use this technique to attach your garden items, or try trying them on with a bit of floral wire.

Mix and Match

You don't have to wrap your trees with a solid fabric; try using lace, yarn or ribbon to wrap your tree. You can weave it in and out of the chicken wire, or wrap it around the outside and tie delicate bows in a complementary color of thread to secure it. A variety of textures with similar colors will make a beautiful family of trees.


Your Christmas trees don't have to stay outdoors, you can also create smaller ones to display on your mantel or as part of a centerpiece. Placing cone trees both indoors and outdoors can create a wonderful sense of continuity between the outside and inside of your home, tying all the decor together.

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