Decor for Your Furry Friend

From pint-sized armoires to cozy handmade dog beds, you and your furry friend will love these doggie decor projects straight from HGTV viewers.
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Mike and Kathy's fashionable Yorkshire terrier, Maggie, needed somewhere to store her clothing and accessories. They designed and constructed a tiny bedside-table-sized armoire especially for Maggie. Not only does the armoire offer plenty of storage, but it's also a great-looking piece of furniture.

Allie's owner, Laura, finds creative inspiration in her pets and those of her clients. Laura's primary passion is painting custom pet portraits, like this one of Allie.

Toni is an interior designer, so when she couldn't find the right bed for her newly adopted pup, she simply designed it herself. Lexi's beautiful and functional bed features both a super-soft and furry fabric bedding for Lexi's everyday use and a high-end fabric side to coordinate with the room's decor.

Vicki created a hip, comfy place for Chi Chi to enjoy her naps. She removed the drawers from a nightstand, sanded and painted it in bright colors and lined the interior with flashy red faux fur. To finish off the vibrant Chihuahua lounge she added a funky mosaic top.

Christina felt that it was only fair that her puppies, Bella and Bentley, have their own entrance to the family home. So, she created a stylish, scaled-down, Yorkie-sized entrance. Everything is to Bella and Bentley's scale; the plants, the door, the solar lantern, the steps and even the awning.

Laura makes crafty pet projects including pet beds for larger dogs. She recommends using four inexpensive standard pillows to create a larger dog bed. First, open the seams of four standard pillows and sew the pillows together. Cut two coordinating pieces of fleece, and stitch three of the four edges together, leaving one open like a pillowcase. Cut fringe on the open side, put the pillow inside and tie the fringe together.

To make a photo dog bowl like this, scan your favorite pet photos, crop the images and place them side by side, bordered on both sides with a continuous decorative band. Print your design onto paper, and then laminate the paper to waterproof the design. Finally, attach the finished design to your pet's bowl with a spray adhesive.

Mary and her son worked together to design a bed that would be comfortable and elegant for Isabella's naps. While Mary's son created the metal frame, she stitched up the stylish bedding. To achieve a high-end look, Mary recommends that you choose two complementary, washable fabrics that really pop when you put them together.

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