Create Your Own Vegetable Wreaths

Bring the garden inside for the holidays by creating beautiful wreaths with carrots, cabbage and your favorite veggies.

Colorful roots

This root vegetable wreath looks beautiful against any backdrop, whether rustic or modern.

You Will Need

This stunning wreath requires a few beautiful root vegetables, a base wreath shape and floral wire. For our vegetables we used Cincinnati radishes, baby maroon carrots, baby white carrots, icicle radishes and some good, old-fashioned orange carrots. Check your specialty produce store for a variety of colored carrots and radishes, or even parsley root.

Arrange the first layer

Begin with one color of carrot or radish, laying them out evenly around the wreath. Tuck the leafy greens under the roots to create a green backdrop.

Add more colors

Continue adding more roots, one color at a time. Try alternating colors and remember to tuck the greens under so the colorful roots lay on top.

Secure with wire

Use floral wire to secure the vegetables to the base wreath. Strategically arrange the leaves to cover any exposed wire as you go.

Finishing touches

Continue adding colors until your wreath is full. Check to make sure that all vegetables are secure and all exposed wire is covered by leaves. Attach hooks or string to the back and hang it wherever you and your guests can enjoy its bright, welcoming colors.

Cabbage Wreath

For a slightly more subdued wreath, try creating one with cabbage. For this wreath you will need one head of green cabbage, a head of red cabbage, a crown of broccoli, brussels sprouts and cranberries as well as a base wreath and floral wire.

Arrange the cabbage leaves

Create the first layer of your wreath by peeling leaves off the green cabbage and laying them over the wreath base. Leaves on the outside will be darker than leaves in the center, so spread them out and alternate between light and dark leaves. Secure the ends with floral wire.

Add cabbage bows

Create bows out of the red cabbage by folding the leaves and pinching in the middle. Secure your bow with floral wire and attach it to the wreath. Add as many or as few as you like, spreading them out across the wreath.

More veggies, more details

Finish the bows by attaching cranberries to the centers with floral wire. Use the wire to add brussels sprouts and broccoli, spreading them out around the wreath. Cover any exposed spaces left by the green cabbage leaves.

Finish and hang

Add the finishing touches by attaching groupings of cranberries around the wreath. Use the floral wire and cranberries to secure any veggies that may be loose. Finish by adding a hanger to the back. These wreaths will last the longest if hung outside during cool weather, and can be spritzed occasionally to keep them fresh. Just be sure not to overdo it, too much water can make your veggies go bad faster. Enjoy your beautiful new wreaths!

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