Create Your Own Lampshades

Use fabric, wire frames and fabric stiffener to make these lampshades.


Create unusual lampshades or repair a stained or dented shade with these projects.

Paper Cylinder Lamp

silk scarf
cylinder shade

1. Apply a strip of glue down the length of a cylinder shade. Press one end of a silk scarf into the glue and let it dry.
2. Wrap the scarf around the shade, pulling it taut, so it only slightly overlaps. Trim away any excess fabric.
3. Apply another strip of glue down the length of the shade, and press the other end of the scarf onto it. Let it dry.
4. If there is excess scarf material hanging off the rims of the shade, simply apply glue to the inside of the shade near the edge and fold the scarf over the top and bottom rims into the glue.

Fabric Stiffener Shade

paper lampshade
fabric stiffener

1. Cut fabric pieces into desired shapes, such as leaves.
2. On a paper plate, using a paintbrush, generously apply fabric stiffener to the correct side of the fabric. Fabric stiffener will prevent the piece from fraying and will hold it onto the lamp. Place the wet cutout on the paper lampshade in desired area and brush it flat into place with the paintbrush. The fabric stiffener will dry clear.

Broomstick Skirt Shade

broomstick skirt
new, dented or stained lampshade

1. Place the skirt's elastic band around the top rim of the shade and glue it into place with fabric stiffener.
2. Trim off the excess skirt that hangs below the bottom rim of the shade.
3. Glue fabric trim along the edges of the shade.

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