Collaged Box Clock

Brenda Marks attaches bee charms as clock hands to her collaged box clock.


Materials and Tools:

6" x 6" x 4" wooden box (6" wide x 6" high x 4" deep)
1-3/4"wooden balls for feet (doll heads)
Liquitex light modeling paste
palette knife
acrylic paint
gel medium
diamond shaped paper punch
Microfleur flower press (for the microwave)
hydrangea flowers
leatherleaf fern
cordless handheld drill
craft knife
Blacken-it metal patina
clock pattern
Crafter's Pick The Ultimate glue
clock mechanism
bee charms
computer, scanner, printer
microwave oven


1. Apply modeling paste with a palette knife to the box to add texture. Allow it to dry.



2. Paint over the texture and the rest of the box with gesso. Allow the box to dry for approximately 30 minutes.



3. Paint the box and feet (wooden doll heads) with layers of paint and glaze to achieve desired texture and color. Let dry.



4. Hand write desired text on paper, scan the writing, and reduce the size of the scan on a computer and print out the reduced text. Paint over the text with dark green acrylic paint. Let dry.

5. Using a diamond shaped punch; punch out six diamonds from the painted text paper.



6. Adhere six diamonds to the top of the box near one edge using gel medium. Align the points of the diamonds on the top of the box and overlap the diamonds slightly on the edge of the box. Apply gel medium over the diamonds and let dry.



7. Add another layer of dark green paint to the top edges of the box over the texture and around the punched diamonds. Dab the wet paint with a paper towel to remove the excess and blend it with the base color. Allow to dry for approximately 3 minutes.



8. Dry florist-bought hydrangeas and the leather leaf fern by placing them in the Microfleur press and microwaving according to the press manufacturer's directions.

9. Arrange the dried flowers and ferns on the box and adhere with the gel medium.



10. Lightly draw diagonal lines from corner to corner and mark the center to determine placement for the clock mechanism and drill the hole.



11. Enlarge the clock mechanism hole with a craft knife.

12. Stain the bee charms with metal patina.

13. Adhere the bees at the 12, 3, 6, and 9 o'clock positions on the box with strong white glue. Allow glue to dry for approximately 30 minutes.

14. Install the clock mechanism, clock hands and battery.



15. Adhere the feet to each corner of the bottom of the collaged box clock with white glue.

Brenda Marks is a fun loving bookworm who recently earned her doctorate degree in education. She soon discovered that making crafty gifts was a creative outlet for her. When she isn't making crafts in her home studio, she loves whale watching with her husband.

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