Caged Bead and Wire Cuff

Add a customized piece to your jewelry collection with this bracelet by Evette Potts.


Thanks to guest Evette Potts.

Materials and Tools:

18-gauge wire
26-gauge wire
lots of beads 6mm or larger
flat, disc-shaped beads
chasing hammer
bench block
round nose pliers
chain nose pliers
nylon jaw pliers, optional to straighten wire
wire cutters
tape measure or ruler
work surface




1. Cut a piece of 18-gauge wire measuring six feet long.



2. Fold the length of wire cut in step 1 in half. Shape it into an oval that is approximately one inch wide, six inches long and twisted at the open end of the oval.



3. Using one of the "tails" of the wire oval, form a "cage" by weaving back and forth around the entire length of the oval.



4. Use round-nose and chain-nose pliers to form a coil at the end of the tail.



Repeat with the other tail.

5. Using a bench block and chasing hammer, lightly hammer the back side of the cuff to harden the wire. The cuff will curl slightly.

6. Further shape the cuff with your fingers using your wrist as a form.



7. Cut a piece of 26-gauge wire measuring two feet long. Make a small coil at the end.



8. String a flat bead down to the coil end.

9. Wrap the 26-guage wire around the 18-guage cage to anchor the wire.



10. Add enough beads on to the wire to cover a space and make another couple of wraps around the cage.



11. Continue adding beads and wrapping the wire until you are near the end of the wire. End with a flat bead then coil to hold in place.

12. Cut another piece of 26-guage wire and continue until all of the spaces are full and you are satisfied with the density.

Note - For a two-inch brooch or ring, use approximately four feet of 18-gauge wire.

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