Block Print Cards

Patricia Zapata demonstrates how to create your own handmade block print greeting card.


Courtesy of Patrician Zapata, Kingwood, Texas.


Materials and Tools:

recycled paper card stock
linoleum blocks
block ink
colored paper
colored pencils
black ink pen
chalk pencils
polymer clay: purple, orange, skin tone, black, Kelly green
brown embossing thread
cutting mat
craft knife
linoleum cutting tools
white glue
cotton swabs
ink roller
roller for clay
baking dish or tile
toaster oven
round hole and square hole punch


1. Cut the card stock to selected size using a craft knife, ruler and cutting mat.

2. Score and fold the card.


3. Draw a tree and grass on the linoleum block using a pencil.


4. Carve out the negative space leaving only the tree and the grass, which will be printed, on the card.


5. Cover the block with ink using an ink roller. Print the image on the front of the folded card. Let dry.

6. Cut leaves for the tree out of lime green paper using a craft knife.


7. Add a little shading to each leaf with chalk pencils. Color a scrap of paper with a dark green chalk pencil, rub the color onto a cotton swab and shade one side of the leaf.


8. Glue the leaves to the tree branches on the card using white glue.

9. Cut a small rectangle from brown paper to form the seat of the swing.

10. For the polymer clay girl: Roll out orange polymer clay leaving a slightly thinner side.

11. Cut out an orange shape in the form of pants and remove excess clay.

12. Using the craft knife make markings that resemble stitches at the bottom of each leg and around the pocket area.

13. Roll out purple clay and cut it out in the shape of a blouse and remove excess clay.

14. Place the blouse over the top edge of the pants and press so that they stick together.

15. Make a round head shape out of skin colored polymer clay and stick it over the edge of the blouse.

16. Form small oval shaped hands and place under the sleeves of the blouse.

17. Using the craft knife produce markings around the neckline, the cuffs and the bottom of the blouse.

18. Roll out black polymer clay in very thin pieces.

19. Place 3 or 4 small pieces of black clay over the forehead to resemble bangs.

20. Place 3 or 4 longer pieces of black clay next to each other and press them together on one side to form a ponytail.

21. Repeat step 20 to make another ponytail.

22. Place each ponytail under each side of the head.

23. Make 2 small bows out of clay and place over the ponytails and close to the head.

24. Form small leaf shapes with green polymer clay.

25. Create vein shapes on the leaves with a craft knife.

26. Place all polymer clay pieces in the oven at 275 degrees for 30 minutes.

27. Let clay pieces cool completely.

28. Draw the eyes, nose and mouth on the face with a fine tip ink pen.


29. Using a red colored pencil draw small red circles at the tips of the smile.

30. Glue the brown swing (made from paper) behind the girl at the height of the top of her pants.


31. Glue both to the card.


32. Arrange and glue the polymer clay leaves on the card.

33. Cut 2 strands of embossing thread (made up of 2 strands each) that will hang on either side of the seat of the swing to the tree branch above.


34. Glue the top and the bottom of the threads to the card and cut off any excess thread.


Steps: Paper Block Print Card

1. Cut the card stock to size using the craft knife, ruler and the cutting mat.

2. Score and fold the card.

3. Draw 3 trees and grass on the linoleum block using a pencil.

4. Carve out the negative space leaving only the trees and the grass, which will be printed, on the card.


5. Cover the block with ink and print the image on the front of the folded card. Let dry.


6. After the print has dried, cut out square leaves for the tree from yellow, brown and orange paper using a square hole punch.

7. Use a round hole punch to make the face out of peach colored paper.

8. Cut off a sliver of the circle so that it will line up against the tree trunk.

9. Cut out a dress shape and one sleeve for the girl with a craft knife.


10. Cut off a sliver of the dress so that it lines up with the tree trunk.

11. Glue the face and dress to the card.

12. Draw the features of the face, a hand, the hair and legs with a fine tip black ink pen.

13. Draw circles on either tip of the girl's smile with a red pencil.

14. Draw a small bow on the pigtail with a blue pencil as desired.


15. Glue the square leaves on the tree branches.

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