Block Print Box Purse

Vani Sodhi Gundara's block-print purse designs are inspired by her Indian culture.


Vani Sodhi Gundara expressed her artistic talents as a kid by coloring on the walls of her parent's home and decorating their framed art! Her love of color has not waned over the years and now it's the colors, patterns and styles of her Indian culture that inspire her work. Her current project is an eye-catching, block-print purse that's sure to grab everyone's attention.

Materials and Tools:

unfinished wooden box with bamboo handle
acrylic paint: turquoise, light blue, black, yellow
2 sheets 8-1/2" x 11" handmade or textured paper
1 sheet of contrasting color handmade paper
4" x 4" block print slab
block print speedball carver (variety of sizes)
black stamp pad
metallic squares
metallic lettering ("Imagine")
small clear rhinestones
wooden circles and squares
metallic embellishments: charms, arrows, shapes
4, 2-1/2" x 2-1/2 metallic frames
flat acrylic nylon brush set
4 unfinished mini wooden cubes
small Philips screwdriver
3 sheets of 8-1/2" x 11" colored felt (back pre-sticker paper)
mosaic mirrors
fabric to cover interior of purse
clear varnish
spray glue
white glue
fabric iron
safety glasses
hair dryer - optional
digital camera - optional




1. Clean the entire surface area of the wooden box with a dry cloth. Unscrew the handle and fixtures from the box.

2. Paint the entire exterior surface area with two coats of acrylic paint:



  • paint the box turquoise
  • paint the top light blue
  • paint the bamboo handle black
  • paint the wood embellishments turquoise, light blue and black

3. Draw selected design directly onto the block print material with a pen. Carve out designs with the speedball tool.



4. Cut handmade paper to fit on both sides of the purse. Cut another piece for the four smaller squares.

5. Apply a generous amount of stamp ink to the entire block print and stamp designs onto all three papers.



6. After block prints are fully dry on the paper, load the flat brush with a dab of watered down blue acrylic color and create a washed out effect over the top of one stamped sheet, making sure you can still see the block print pattern. Repeat with yellow acrylic paint on the second stamped sheet.



7. Cut the third piece of paper into four smaller squares to fit within the metallic frames. Tape the paper squares to the back of the frames.

8. Center the handmade papers to the front and back of the purse and adhere with spray adhesive or a glue stick.



9. Press down from the middle and out to assure no bubbles.

10. Apply four small dabs of glue on all four corners of each metallic frame and gently place each frame down on top of the corners of the block print.

11. Attach metallic squares to the top and side panels with a small amount of glue in a desired pattern.



12. Paint four wooden squares black for the feet of the purse. Glue to the bottom of the purse.

13. Embellish the back of the purse with painted wooden shapes, rhinestones and the word "Imagine." Attach using white glue.

14. Measure pieces of felt to match the interior sides and base of purse and cut to size.



15. Cut fabric slightly oversized to the felt pieces.

16. Apply fabric glue onto the fabric and adhere with a heated iron. Fold over excess sides of material into the felt backing.

18. Place each piece of felt fabric into the base of the purse.

19. Arrange mirror mosaic pieces into a unique shape and glue down into the top half of box interior.

20. After all sections are dry, spray or apply varnish to the entire surface area. Reapply varnish two to three times to ensure proper coating and for protection.

21. Re-attach handles and clasps. Apply charms or tassels to the handle for a finishing touch.


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