Bird's Nest Necklaces

Celebrate mom this Mother's Day with the gift of a beautiful, handmade bird's nest necklace.

Bird's Nest Necklaces

This Mother's Day give your mom a beautiful bird's nest necklace with an "egg" for each of her children. These necklaces are simple to make and completely customizable so you can be sure you're giving Mom a gift she will love.

Choosing Wire

The most important part of making your necklace is choosing the right wire and beads. Most jewelry wire will work, including aluminum, craft, colored, French wire, gold-filled and sterling silver wire. You can use a wide variety of gauges as well, but we recommend something between 20 and 26 gauge. If you decide to use thick wire, make sure it will fit through the holes in your beads. Choose round or egg shaped beads, pearls or stones. You will also need needle nose pliers and wire cutters to shape and cut the wire.

The Beginning

To make the simplest of these nests, begin by placing the beads on one end of the wire and wrapping it in a tight circle. Consider using a bead to represent each child, so Mom can have an "egg" for everyone in her nest. Begin wrapping the wire around the center beads to build up the nest.

Finish Wrapping

As you circle the center beads, weave the wire back under previous circles of wire to secure it. Weaving the wire over and under itself should create a graceful tangle of wire that imitates a bird's nest. Finish with a loop of wire or a jump ring so you can hang your nest on a chain.

Larger Wire

Choose a larger gauge wire for a quicker version of the same necklace. A small wire will take longer to build up to a full bird's nest, but a large wire only needs a few loops. Loop the wire around the egg 3 or 4 times, leaving enough extra wire to loosely wrap those loops, holding them together. Tuck the cut end of the wire securely into the nest, since any exposed ends can scratch.

Twisting Wire

For a different look to your nest try twisting strands of small wire together to create one thicker strand. Place your beads on the end and wrap this thick, twisted wire in a circle around them. Use the smaller wire to bind the thick wire together by tightly wrapping it perpendicularly around the nest. Wrap in a least 3 places to secure, but add more if you like the look.

Dangling Eggs

If you want to try something a little different, try making the nest without beginning with a bead. Start with a small loop in the wire and build it up and outwards into the shape of a nest. Weave the wire as you go to secure it, just like with the previous nests. When your nest is built take a shorter piece of wire and place your bead on it. Create a small loop on one end so your bead won't fall off. Wrap the other end around the top of the nest so that your bead dangles down into it. Add one more loop or jump ring to the top for a cord or wire to finish your necklace.

Finished Necklaces

If you've never worked with wire before try a couple of experiments with inexpensive wire before working on the final project. The process is easy to get the hang of and making bird's nests is a great way to start. Go with your instinct and have fun! Mom is sure to treasure the beautiful piece you create.

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