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Bird's Nest Door Hangers

Weave your own bird's nest from backyard clippings to create beautiful nature-inspired decor.

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Bird's Nest Door Hangings

Fill your home with beautiful reminders of new life and nature this spring with handmade bird's nests. They are simple to weave from items you can find in your own backyard and they are charming decorations to hang throughout your home.

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Creating Your Nest

To create a bird's nest your will need a large handful of long, flexible plants. Evergreen twigs, vines, tall grass and many other items can work well. Begin by twisting one stem into a small circle, no more than 2 inches in diameter. If it doesn't want to stay, tie it with a bit of string or wire.

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Creating the Base

Begin shaping your nest by weaving sticks across the circle. Use the tension created by overlapping the sticks to hold them in place.

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Finish the Base

Continue until you have branches sticking out fairly evenly around the circle. Odd numbers work better than even. Seven branches will work pretty well, but the exact number will vary depending on the size of your circle.

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