Bedrooms With Quilts

See how quilts can pull a room together and set a space apart.

Photo By: design by Bonnie Sachs

Quilting Scheme With Green

Featured in HGTV's Dream Home, this quilt's little bubbles of color contrast with the solid lime green walls in a modern way.

Comfy Quilts

The matching color schemes of the quilt and ottoman create a cozy effect.

Country Checkerboard Coziness

This charming country bedroom showcases beautiful quilts ready for snuggling.

A Quilted Crashpad

With a patriotic palette, this red, white and blue quilt is perfect in a gender-neutral kids' room.  

Vintage Look

With a sweeping pattern, red brings out the elegance in this blue bedroom.

Chic Retreat

Designer Janell Beals shows how the soft blue quilt counterbalances the feminine details of this room.

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