Beaded Newspaper Collage

Alma Stoller paints and beads her floral newspaper collage.


Materials and Tools:

11" x 15" watercolor paper
acrylic paint
stencil brush
stencils, flower and small dots
liquid matte medium
seed beads
hand-sewing needle
beading thread size D
plastic container with water
picture frame




1. Soak the watercolor paper in water for about a minute. Remove the paper from the water and place it on a work surface to dry.



2. Randomly paint the paper with yellow, pink and orange acrylic paint. Let it dry for about 20 minutes.



3. Add texture and depth to the paper, by using flower stencils and texturizing stencils with small dots. Use different colors of acrylic paint (black, purple, green, orange, pink) with the stencils and freehand paint circles of different sizes on the paper.



4. Paint various colored dots on the paper. Let dry.



5. To create two flowers in a pot, cut five large petals, five small petals, one long stem, one small stem, three leaves, two circles for the center of the flower (stamen), and a pot shape out of the text part of a newspaper.



6. Construct the flowers on the paper, and using liquid matte medium, glue each piece to it. Adhere the pot over the base of the stem. Apply a light coat of liquid matte medium over all the shapes.

7. Lightly paint over the newspaper shapes with green paint. Lightly paint it with a bit of orange and pink.



8. For the final painting, lightly outline the shapes with black paint.



9. Lightly paint the pot with a bit of brown and blue. Outline it with black.

10. Let it dry completely.

11. Poke holes into the paper using a needle.



12. Thread a needle with black beading thread and come up from the back side of the paper. In a random fashion, stitch a sequin and a seed bead on all the holes of the paper and the center of the flower. Knot the thread off on the back of the paper.

13. Place the beaded newspaper collage in a frame without the glass.


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