An Easy to Make DIY Garden Bench

This simple bench is perfect for long gardening tasks or for just sitting under your favorite shade tree.

Take a Load Off

Whip up a handy garden bench in a weekend with these easy instructions.

Gathering the materials

You will need: (1) 2"x8"x10' board/ (1) 2"x6"x4' board/ (1) 2"x10"x4' board/ (6) 3/8" carriage bolts 3 1/2" long/ (6) 3/8" washers/ (6) 3/8" nuts/ (12) 3 1/2" exterior wood screws or decking screws/ carpenter's square/ pencil/ handsaw or circular saw/ clamps/ drill with 3/8" drill bit and screwdriver bit/ 3/8" wrench/ sandpaper/ sealant or paint as desired

Mark the Boards for Cutting

Using the square, make a mark at the corner a few inches in from one end of the 2" x 8" board. Make another mark at the 60 degrees mark on your square. Draw a line through the two points across the board. From the first mark, measure and mark the board at 33", 66", 86", and 106". Use the square to make 60 degree lines at these marks and cut on those lines using a handsaw or circular saw. Sand any rough edges with sandpaper. These will be the legs.

Assembling the pieces

Cut the 2" x 6" board straight across at 33" long. Cut the 2" x 10" board straight across at 30". Stand one small 2" x 8" board and one large 2" x 8" board together with the large one on the outside. The feet should be flat on the floor and facing away from each other. The top of the small board should intersect perfectly with the larger board. Clamp them together at this point.

Mark the Legs for Fastening

With the boards clamped together, make a triangle with two points at the top of the shorter leg and all points approximately 2" apart. Drill at these points through both boards.

Install the Carriage Bolts

With the legs still clamped together, insert the carriage bolts from the outside (larger board) and through both boards.

Install the Washers and Nuts

Attach a washer and nut to each of the carriage bolts and tighten with a wrench until quite snug. Repeat for the other two legs keeping the smaller board on the inside.

Attach the Seat

Place the legs side by side and add the seat to the top of the inside legs. Attach the seat with three wood screws on each side going through the top of the seat and directly into the inside legs below. Start the front screw about 1 1/2" from the edge to prevent it coming through the front of the leg below. You may want to pre-drill holes for the screws if you are concerned about the wood splitting.

Attach the Back

Attach the 2" x 6" board to the back of the tall legs in the same manner as the seat. Pre-drilling holes may prevent splitting wood. Stain and seal, or paint your bench as you desire. At the very least, be sure to seal the bottoms of the legs that will be in contact with moist ground.

Multiple Ways to Use Your Garden Bench

This simple bench may be your new favorite seat in the garden. Use if for long, low garden work or just relaxing.

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