Amazing Botanical Beauty Products

These unique products using honey, herbs, flowers and even goat's milk will leave you looking and feeling great.
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Photo By: Image courtesy of Desert Essence

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Botanical Bliss

Luscious dream garden combos make this gift set of Botanical Bubbles Soap Set from Lather a special treat. This trio of hand-cut botanical soaps are rich without being cloying, and feature rosemary and peppermint, rose tangerine lavender and lemongrass soaps, all made with organic olive oil to make your skin look as good as it smells. This affordable but indulgent gift set comes with an adorable wooden soap stand as a keepsake after the last scrap of soap is gone.

Tub of Love

The botanical beauty company Davines,  has an interesting story behind its celebrity-favorite products (Rose McGowan and Michelle Dockery are fans). This sustainable luxury hair care line based in Parma, Italy is sulfate and paraben free and its Love line is designed to bring that supple, soft healthy glow back to stressed-out hair. We found that combining the shampoo, conditioner and hair smoother, showed immediate improvement in hair's texture and frizziness.  Ingredients for the Davines line are sourced from nine Italian farms using plants and flowers at risk of extinction. Vegetables/fruits and grains used in all of the Davines products are called out on the packaging as well as the Italian farmers who harvested them. The Love line uses Sicilian Minuta olives harvested from the farm of Carmelo Messina. How's that for a backstory? 

Italian Lemon

A refreshing botanical scent infused with lemon peel oil, this lotion from Desert Essence is an affordable, everyday luxury that won't break the bank.

Far Out East

We love this clever gift set of Asian-inspired beauty products. Lather's Sacred Spa kit features an exfoliating forbidden rice body scrub featuring lotus leaf and adzuki bean powders and infused with jasmine, vanilla, lavender, coriander and bergamot that will start your day with a bang. Follow with the ultra-delicate fragrance of lotus flower in a rich body creme, made even more appealing with its paraben and sulfate-free formula.

Refreshing Mango

Non-GMO mango is used in this fragrant soap. Created with sustainable palm oil and vegan, you can feel good about using this delicious-smelling everyday luxury.

Bird Nest Soap

These 100 percent vegetable based French-milled soaps in their porcelain nest soap dish are as pleasant to use (enriched with chamomile, meadowsweet and oatmeal) as they are to look at.

Lavender Lasts

Few garden fragrances are as timeless, lovely and ladylike as lavender. This Lather gift set is an indulgent mix of little luxuries including a gorgeously fragrant lavender-lime body wash which revs up lavender's mellow fragrance with the bracing zestiness of lime; a soothing lavender-eucalyptus foot creme to pamper tired peds and a lavender whipped body creme with a classic lavender fragrance to sumptuously polish from head to toe and make you feel like you've touched down in a field in Provence. Wrapped up in a lovely gift bag, the set comes with a lavender candle, to make you feel like you've escaped to a spa and a bamboo fiber wash cloth, all from Pasadena-based Lather, a company with a commitment to cruelty-free products.

Rose Leaf Sugar Scrub

This is a heavier-duty exfoliant for your hands and body. The Rose Leaf sugar scrub from Garden Apothecary has tiny organic rose hips in it, which add a little more scrubbing factor.

Tomato Soap and Lotion

Recapture the quintessential smell of summer, with the verdant, fresh aroma of tomatoes pulled straight from the earth from design guru Jonathan Adler. This soap and lotion set has a warm, botanical scent blending tomato leaves, rhubarb, basil and sandalwood that makes it a pleasure to use every day.

Farm Fresh Beauty

Farmaesthetics specializes in 100% natural and homemade beauty products. Owner Brenda Brock is the daughter of a 7th generation Texas farming family invested in sustainable products. Farmaesthetics' honey line features a moisturizing Midnight Honey Bath and Beauty Oil and the refreshing exfoliation of the Honey Dust Body Scrub.

Ginger Pear Hand Cream

This limited edition lotion from Caldrea's winter line has the luscious scent of crimson pear ginger to remind gardeners of sunny days ahead.

Lather Honey-Based Products

In addition to their honey, bees use a resinous mixture—propolis—sourced from trees and plants, to seal fissures in the hive. Some claim propolis has myriad health benefits including reducing inflammation and anti-bacterial properties. Lather features a Honey Moisture Mask with Propolis Extract, a luxurious honey almond soap, a refreshing Honey Mint Body Wash and a Manuka Body Butter featuring manuka honey from New Zealand, said to contain anti-bacterial properties.

Farm Fresh Soap

Produced in Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania, Possum Hollow Farms’ prettily packaged soaps incorporate an array of herbs, natural botanicals and exotic clays -- many of them sourced on this family farm. An organic and all-natural skincare line including moisturizers, serums, balms and more, is on the way.

The Honey-Beauty Original

A household name for using natural ingredients in beauty products, Burt's Bees blends honey into its nourishing Milk and Honey Body Lotion, Honey and Shea Body Butter, Honey and Bilberry (a natural Alpha-Hydroxy Acid) Foot Cream and its iconic Honey Lip Balm.

Apple Soap

What could make for a sweeter reminder of crisp fall days than the scent of apples in this pretty soap and lotion duo perfect for countertop display.

Basil and Peppermint Farm Soap

Creamy Basil & Peppermint Farm Soap removes the dirt from gardeners' hands and has a fresh, clean scent. Each bar contains essential oils of basil and peppermint, and cow's milk.

Apivita Honey-Infused Beauty Products

Honey is a cornerstone of the Greek beauty company Apivita, the first natural beauty product in the country when it was founded in 1979. Apivita features a full line of honey-infused products including this Cleansing Milk with honey and orange and soap and featuring lavender and geranium essential oils. The natural soap features lavender, sage and, of course, honey, which has emollient and hydrating properties.

Botanical Beauty Serum

Farmaesthetics founder Brenda Brock concocted her first natural and nourishing skincare products in 1999 on a farm in rural Rhode Island. Her natural beauty products are made with wholesome ingredients—including powdered whole milk, local beeswax, fragrant botanicals and healing herbs. The Herbal Hydration Complex, a cooling mask made from organic shea butter, local beeswax, oatmeal, peppermint and organic witch hazel that heals and moisturizes skin while banning excess oil.

Fix-All Botanical Salve

Give dad something he can actually use, but that smells so good he'll be thinking of reasons to apply it. This aromatic, without being cloying rosemary, tea tree and cedar leaf, Ora's Amazing All-Purpose Salve works wonders on soothing bug bites and as an all-around moisturizer.

A Fix for Hard-Working Hands

We've all been there: dressed to the nines or out for a special event when we realize those hands that have done such great work in the garden are looking a little worse for wear. Crabtree & Evelyn's Gardeners line of creams, scrubs and soaks are dedicated not just to gardeners' hands, but their entire bodies which often need a little pampering after a hard day's work.

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