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9 Clever, Kitschy Holiday Wreath Ideas

Shake up your front door with a fun and festive holiday wreath that's sure to get the neighbors talking.
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Play With a Full Deck

Poker fans will get a kick out of repurposing a deck of cards as a cheery holiday wreath. To give the cards extra dimension, build multiple layers and use thick mounting tape between each layer. This gives greater dimension to the wreath, keeping the intended effect from falling flat. For added color, attach red and green poker chips in one corner to resemble a sprig of holly.

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Get Your Front Door in Mint Condition

The signature red-and-white swirl of peppermints makes them the most iconic of Christmas candies. Reinterpret these popular Yuletide yummies by creating a nostalgic, one-of-a-kind wreath. To assemble, take the candies out of their wrappers, add hot glue to the back and attach them to a foam wreath form, entirely covering the front and sides.

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Merry, Merry Military

Little boys and dads alike will love the idea of repurposing toy figurines into a masculine, playful wreath — especially when it involves a little destruction. This can be done two different ways. For a clean look, glue plastic army men figures directly to a wire wreath. For a look that's a bit more sculptural and edgy, toy figurines can be melted together in the oven and then pieced together in sections.

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Wrap It Up

Raid your gift-wrap stash or hit the local craft store to pick up coordinating spools of ribbon with different widths and patterns. Overlap ribbon to completely cover a foam wreath form in a solid base color then top it with ribbon in a coordinating pattern. Layering textures ensures great contrast, resulting in a clean, graphic look.

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