8 Festive Holiday Chair Swag Ideas

Event designer Camille Styles adds a handmade touch to holiday gatherings with one-of-a-kind chair swags made from simple crafting materials.

Fabric Pennant

Make It: Mark the felt, then cut out a pennant silhouette using fabric scissors. Next create a second layer using a coordinating fabric cut two inches shorter in height and width than the felt. Add wooden letters directly to the fabric with wood glue to spell out names or a holiday message. Add grommets along the edges, and attach to the chair with ribbon to finish.

Fabric Scraps

Make It: Choose approximately five different fabrics with similar colors, coordinated patterns and textures. Cut each into 12-inch strips, and then tie side by side to a strand of rope or banding. Attach along the sides of the chair by creating double or triple knots.

Tree Bark

Make It: Pick up firewood from a local vendor, then cut the logs into round or ovular placards. Once cut to size, use acrylic or latex paint and a detail brush to add names or holiday messages. For a more 3-D look, consider using wood or metal letters attached with wood glue. In keeping with the rustic motif, choose rope, twine or burlap ribbon to attach the bark to the chair, keeping it held in place with fabric weights stitched along the front edges.

Faux Apples

Make It: Use a drill and a 1/4-inch drill bit to add holes directly through the center of each apple. Next add electric tape to the edge of a spool of twine to prevent it from fraying, then guide the twine through the center of each apple, placing each snugly against one another. Knot the twine several times around the outside edge of the first and the last apple to finish.

Mini Wreath

Make It: Cut a spool of ribbon approximately 20 inches in length, then loop around the top of the wreath and tie to the top of the chair back.

Tree Trimming

Make It: Bundle several tree trimmings together, then wrap with ribbon and attach along the chair with gaffer's tape.

Platter + Paint

Make It: Paint a holiday message along the front of a budget-friendly serving platter using acrylic paint and a detail brush. Or, for a more modern look, consider using stencils and a can of spray paint. To attach the platters to the back of the chair, wrap ribbon around the top of the chair back, then secure with a bow.

Paper Cut-Outs

Make It: Choose card stock in three different shades of the same color as well as coordinating twine. Cut simple triangle silhouettes from the cardstock, and then use a hole punch to add one hole at the top and one along the bottom. Next, weave the twine through the holes, creating four to five strands.

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