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8 Easy Handmade Holiday Gifts for Hosts

From coffee cosies and drink coasters to cinnamon-stick candles and wine bottle covers, event designer Camille Styles shares eight easy-to-make host and hostess gifts ideal for holiday entertaining.
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Christmas Coffee Cosies

Create colorful, Christmas-themed drink cosies for coffee lovers this winter. Choose a variety of felt in holiday colors, then cut into seven-inch to nine-inch rectangles. Trace holiday shapes directly to accent pieces of felt, cut out with fabric scissors, then attach to the cosy with iron-on adhesive tape and an iron. Add self-adhesive Velcro along the back side of the cosy so it fits securely around the cup.

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Baby-Food Jar Snowmen

Put a new spin on an old holiday classic with hot chocolate snowmen made from baby food jars. First gather a mix of small and large jars. Then fill the largest jar with hot chocolate powder and use it as the base of the snowman. Next add starlight mints or peppermint candies to fill a small jar for use as the center of the body. Lastly, fill a second small jar with marshmallows for use as the head, adding buttons as eyes and small pieces of wood as noses. Add a final touch with grosgrain ribbon tied around the bottom of the top jar to create the look of a scarf.

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Elf Wine Bottle Covers

Before you bring a bare bottle of wine to your next holiday soiree, dress it up like an elf. First cut felt into an eight-inch-by-10-inch rectangle, and then fold into a conical shape. Fasten the folds tightly with a dab of fabric glue along the bottom. Next, cut faux fur into a triangle shape approximately four inches long by two inches wide, then attach along the inside edge of the felt cone. Add a pompom along the edge of the felt cone, and then slip onto the wine bottle.

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Spool of Thread Bottle Stoppers

Create one-of-a-kind, color-coded bottle stoppers from old corks and mini spools of thread. In order to attach the mini spools to the corks, simply use a hot glue gun.

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