7 Upcycled Gift Wrap Ideas From Around the House

Take your Christmas gifts up a notch this year by wrapping them in wallpaper, subway maps and other creative materials.

Skip the Store

Surprise friends and family and add a layer of the unexpected to your presents with clever upcycled gift wrap. Plus, most of these materials you likely have laying around the house.


Create a movie night experience by wrapping movie tickets and concession gift cards in a small box, then layering photos from the recipients' favorite films on top as a teaser.

Subway Map

Gifts wrapped in subway maps are perfect for your travelling friend. Take travel-related gifts to another level by hinting at any tickets or itineraries enclosed with the map's location.


Add a touch of pop art to your gift by repurposing pages from comic books. Keep in mind that most standard comic book pages are 10-inches-by-15-inches, making small- to medium-sized boxes the best fit.

Patterned Wallpaper

Stuck with leftover wallpaper after a big decorating project? Put it to use as high-end holiday gift wrap. Once the gift is unwrapped, the wallpaper can be used again as graphic art by placing it inside a frame.

Dish Towel

Dish towel gift wrap is an excellent idea for new homeowners. With a wide range of sizes, colors and patterns to choose from, towels are ideal for keeping more practical presents stylishly concealed until they're opened. In addition to what's inside, the towel itself also becomes part of the gift.


Bandanas are good choices for little ones. Once the gift is unwrapped, the bandana can be used to play dress up.


You can't go wrong with the classics. Keep newspaper around during the holidays, then separate the black and white pages from those with color. Wrap the gift in black and white, then add a layer of color with ribbon.

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