7 DIYs to Take Your Entryway From Simple to Stylish

Take an entryway from all white to all wow with these chic projects from HGTV Magazine.

Photo By: Susan Pittard; Styled by Karin Olsen

Photo By: Susan Pittard; Styled by Karin Olsen

Photo By: Marko Metzinger; Crafting by Ashley Page Norton

Photo By: Marko Metzinger; Crafting by Ashley Page Norton

Photo By: Marko Metzinger; Crafting by Ashley Page Norton

Photo By: Marko Metzinger; Crafting by Ashley Page Norton

Photo By: Marko Metzinger; Crafting by Thomas Eberharter

Photo By: Marko Metzinger/Studio D; Crafting by Ashley Page Norton

Photo By: Marko Metzinger; Crafting by Ashley Page Norton

Before: All White

Chair: Modway Insect aluminum and wood chair in white, $55, atgstores.com
Mirror: Saratoga 10"-diameter MDF frame in linen white, $65, and #908 10"-diameter flat mirror, $29, both victorianframecompany.com
Lamp: Modern Cylinder 22"-tall ceramic lamp in white with shade, $149, shadesoflight.com
Vases: Square ceramic containers in gloss white, from $4 each, jamaligarden.com
Table: Lachlan 42"W x 15"D x 30"H melamine and MDF table, $125, overstock.com
Rug: Chandra India 3'6" x 5'6" cotton rug in white, $75, wayfair.com
Baskets: Modern Weave Handled 121/2"W x 12½"D x 19¼"H rattan baskets in whitewash, $79 each, westelm.com

After: All Wow

Read on to see how to recreate these stylish DIYs at home.

Fabric-Covered Chair

1. Cut a piece of fabric large enough to cover the entire front of the chair, plus an extra 2 inches all around.

2. Apply decoupage medium to the front of the chair using a foam brush. Adhere the fabric to the chair, smoothing out any wrinkles. Let dry. 

3. Using a foam brush, coat the fabric with decoupage medium. Let dry.

4. Using a crafts knife, trim the fabric to the shape of the chair. Apply another coat of decoupage medium to seal. 

Fabric: Clairebella Brushstrokes Multi cotton canvas fabric in orchid, $75 per yard, adornshoppe.com; Decoupage Medium: Martha Stewart Crafts decoupage in gloss finish, $10 for 8 ounces, michaels.com

Gilded Starburst Mirror

1. Remove the mirror from its frame, and set it aside. Place the frame on a piece of poster board, and trace it. Cut out the circle. 

2. Click here to download a guide for cutting and placing the dowels

3. Following the online guide, hot-glue dowels to the front of the poster board circle about 1 inch in from the edge. Let dry. 

4. Spray-paint the empty frame and the sunburst design gold. Let dry. Put the mirror back in the frame.

5. Using strong glue, such as E6000, adhere the back of the mirror to the dowels so that the dowels are sandwiched between the poster board and the mirror. Let dry.

Dowels Madison Mill 36" x .375" oak dowels, $1.50 each, lowes.com; Spray Paint: Gold by Rust-Oleum Specialty Metallic

Marbleized Lamp

1. Remove the lampshade and set it aside. Tape off the light socket and the harp. Spray-paint the finial and the top metal rim of the lamp base gold.

2. Cut a piece of decorative paper large enough to wrap around the lamp base. Make sure it’s big enough for the edges to overlap slightly at the seam.

3. Adhere the paper to the lamp base with spray mount. Put the lampshade and finial back on.

Decorative Paper: Sustain & Heal marble paper in teal, $5 per 21" x 31" thin text sheet, demilodesign.com; Spray Paint: Gold by Rust-Oleum Specialty Metallic

Gold Leaf Vases

1. Use painter’s tape to create triangle-shape outlines on the vases. Let some of the triangles bend around the vases’ edges. 

2. Apply gold leaf to the taped-off triangles following the package instructions. Remove the tape.

3. Coat the triangles with brush-on gold leaf sealer.

Gold Leaf Kit: Speedball Mona Lisa gold leaf starter kit, $14, joann.com

Studded Grass Cloth Table

1. Cut a piece of grass cloth wallpaper to fit around each table leg, allowing for a 1/2-inch overlap. Make sure the grain of the grass cloth runs horizontally. Adhere using wallpaper paste.

2. Cut a piece of grass cloth wallpaper just large enough to cover the tabletop and the side edges. Notch each corner so the material can fold over the edges cleanly (click here for a guide that shows you how).

3. Using wallpaper paste, adhere the grass cloth wallpaper to the tabletop and the sides. Let dry.

4. Outline the front of the table with nailhead trim. Tap in the trim using an upholstery hammer with a nylon tip.

Grass Cloth Wallpaper: Sisal #CL1029, from $130 for a single roll, yorkwall.com for buying info; Trim: French Natural 7/16"-diameter nailhead trim strip, $20 for 10 yards, diyupholsterysupply.com

Dip-Dyed Rug

1. Submerge a white cotton rug in a tub of warm water, then squeeze it out. Set it aside.

2. Partially fill a storage bin-size plastic container with hot water. Stir in liquid fabric dye following the package instructions. 

3. Lay the rug facedown on an old dropcloth. Loosely roll up the rug lengthwise, then fold it in half so you can place both ends in the dye bath at once. 

4. Submerge the ends of the rug in the dye. Using a cup, quickly remove about 3 inches of liquid from the container. Let the rug sit in the remaining dye for 20 minutes.

5. Remove the rug from the dye, and rinse it under cold water until the water runs clear. Lay the rug flat on the dropcloth; let dry overnight. 

Dye: Rit liquid dye in fuchsia, $4.50 for 8 ounces, joann.com

Color-Block Baskets

1. Use painter’s tape to create a stripe design on the baskets, as shown.

2. Use a paintbrush to fill in the stripes with crafts paint. 

3. Remove the tape while the paint is still slightly wet. Let dry. 

Crafts Paint: Whispering Turquoise by Americana

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