7 DIY Projects That Let You Play With Words

Cute projects with clever sayings from the experts at HGTV Magazine — now we’re talking!

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Photo By: Stuart Tyson; Crafting By: Ashley Page Norton

Photo By: Lara Robby/Studio D; Crafting By: Ashley Page Norton

Photo By: Stuart Tyson; Crafting By: Ashley Page Norton

Photo By: Stuart Tyson; Crafting By: Ashley Page Norton

Photo By: Stuart Tyson; Crafting By: Ashley Page Norton

Photo By: Stuart Tyson; Crafting By: Ashley Page Norton

Photo By: Stuart Tyson; Crafting By: Ashley Page Norton

Color-Block Doormat

1. Click here to download the “h” and “i” templates. Print them on cardstock, and cut them out following the directions on each template.  

2. Divide your doormat in half with a piece of duct tape, placing the tape to the left of center. On the right side of the mat, center the “i” cutout and secure it to the mat with a strong adhesive spray (such as Super 77 spray by 3M). On the left side, center the “h” stencil, making sure to account for the space covered by the tape. Adhere the stencil with the adhesive spray. Tape off any remaining exposed coir on the left side with duct tape.

3. Apply two coats of spray paint. Remove the stencils and tape while the paint is still wet. Let dry.

Doormat: Basic coir doormat, $25, worldmarket.com; Spray Paint: Mambo
Pink by Krylon

Decal Dinner Plates

1. Center each word decal on a plate, and apply it following the package directions. 

2. Hang the plates on a wall. 

Plates: Boho Boutique Floral 10 ½"-diameter ceramic plates, $30 for a mixed set of 4, target.com; Decals: Custom “Is Dinner Ready Yet?” decals, $18 for a set of 4 words, thelollipoplabelshop.etsy.com

Mini-Chalkboard Herb Pots

1. Paint four small terra-cotta herb pots with two coats each of chalk paint. Let dry. 

2. Remove the backing from adhesive silk screen letters, and stick them on the pots.

3. Using a piece of chalk, fill in each silk screen. (If you want the letters to be permanent, use a foam pouncer to fill in each silk screen with crafts paint instead.) Remove the silk screens. 

Chalk paint: Cascade, Grotto, Provincial Blue, and Turkish Tile, all by FolkArt Chalk Paint; 
Silk screen letters: Martha Stewart Crafts Bodoni Alphabet chalkboard silk screens, $18, Michaels stores

Bathroom Eye Chart Poster

1. Click here to download the chart. Print it on any size paper you want (we used 13-inch-by-19-inch paper), or put the file on a flash drive and have a copy shop print it for you.

2. Frame it. 

Frame: 13" x 19" wood frame in black, $33.50, aifriedman.com

#@! Coasters

1. Using a foam brush, paint cork coasters with a few coats each of neon crafts paint. Let dry. 

2. Cut a stencil sheet into four pieces to separate the symbols. Center each stencil on top of a coaster, and adhere it with repositionable spray mount. 

3. Using a foam pouncer, fill in the stencils with crafts paint. Remove the stencils while the paint is still wet. Let dry. 

Cork coasters: ¼"H x 4"-diameter coasters, $3.50 for a set of 4, blankcork.etsy.com; Crafts paint: Neon Green, Neon Pink, Neon Orange and Neon Yellow, all by Craft Smart, Licorice by FolkArt; Stencil: Sheet Custom Symbol stencil sheet, $3.50, superiorstencils.com

Painted Globe

1. Cut a heart shape out of clear Con-Tact paper, and adhere it to the section you want to leave unpainted. Tape off the metal parts of the globe with painter’s tape.

2. Spray-paint the globe. Use tweezers to remove the heart cutout while the paint is still wet. Let dry.

3. Remove the painter’s tape. Use a gold paint pen to write your message on the globe. 

Spray paint: Green Light by Montana Gold; Paint pen: Sakura Pen-Touch medium-tip paint marker in gold, $3, dickblick.com

Mega-Size Fortunes

1. Scan fortunes and save them to your computer. 

2. Print each fortune image on 11-inch-by-17-inch paper at 300%, or put the images on a flash drive and have a copy shop print them for you.  

3. Cut out each fortune. Using a glue stick, adhere each to a piece of 11-inch-by-17-inch colored paper. Then frame them. 

Frame: 11" x 17" wood frame in white, $28.50, aifriedman.com

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