7 All-Natural Fillings for Clear Glass Ornaments

Bring texture and color to your front porch or Christmas tree with a grouping of clear glass ornaments filled with everyday organic materials.

Photo By: Brian Patrick Flynn

Photo By: Brian Patrick Flynn

Photo By: Brian Patrick Flynn

Photo By: Brian Patrick Flynn

Photo By: Brian Patrick Flynn

Photo By: Brian Patrick Flynn

Photo By: Brian Patrick Flynn

Photo By: Brian Patrick Flynn

Photo By: Brian Patrick Flynn

Photo By: Brian Patrick Flynn

Photo By: Brian Patrick Flynn

Easy + Beautiful Ornaments

Clear glass ornaments can be filled with just about anything. But when the weather turns frigid, you'll want to be reminded of nature's sweet scents and beautiful greenery. Trust us. You'll need: clear, fillable glass or plastic ornaments in various shapes; string, yarn, sisal rope or twine; dried fruit; moss; branches; lavender; cinnamon sticks; bark; scissors; push pins.

Filler: Cut Greenery

Decorate for practically no cost at all by cutting back tree branches and placing their clippings inside clear ornaments. In addition to their color and texture, the branches will bring a fresh, woodsy scent to your exterior entry.

Filler: Cinnamon

Bring a sweet, aromatic touch to your porch by adding cinnamon sticks to long, cylindrical or capsule-shaped ornaments. To ensure the scented effect is strong, consider placing the sticks in ornaments with open tops or perforations.

Filler: Dried Oranges

Dried fruit is the perfect natural source for color, shape and texture; however, some fruits are more visually appealing than others. Oranges are an ideal choice for their bright coloring and clean, graphic look.

Filler: Lavender

Add a spa-like scent to your ornament grouping with lavender. Available at most craft stores and plant nurseries, lavender brings a soft, pretty coloring to the ornaments along with a garden-fresh scent that instantly makes people feel relaxed.

Filler: Moss

Moss is a great source for adding a vivid green hue and a super rich texture to your ornament grouping. Tip: If you plan to entertain any guests who may be sensitive to grasses and pollen, find out if moss affects them before incorporating it into your holiday decor.

Filler: Twine

Twine, as well as sisal rope, is perfect for adding an industrial or nautical touch to your ornament grouping. Here, twine is unfurled and strung inside a square ornament to offer fluid shape and organic texture.

Filler: Bark

Bark chips are excellent for adding rustic texture and rich color to a grouping of clear ornaments. If you have bark chips outside as part of your landscaping, this is the perfect chance to repurpose something for holiday decor. Otherwise, bark chips can be found in the lawn and garden sections of most home improvement stores.

Add String

Once all ornaments have been filled, add string, twine or sisal rope to each one for an all-natural approach to hanging.

Vary Heights

For a balanced yet random look, it's best to vary the heights of each ornament. As you hang them, be sure to place different shapes next to one another to make the overall grouping more interesting.

Hang, Then Enjoy

Secure each ornament to the exterior trim of the home with push pins. Soak up the organic scents and bold, all-natural hues all season long.

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