10 Ways to Jazz Up a Store-Bought Wreath for the Holidays

Basic store-bought wreaths don't have to be boring. Add personality and a trendy touch with a few inexpensive props and a bit of creativity.

Color Inspo

This honeycomb wreath is perfect for a home with unexpected color-filled decor. To make, glue bright honeycombs all around an evergreen wreath. This is a perfect way to bring a splash of color to your front door all season long.

Spell It Out

Tiny Mylar balloons welcome guests in a fun, trendy way. Blow up the balloons and glue them onto a store-bought evergreen wreath to make a statement at your entry this season.

Happy Holly

No need to try to keep real holly alive when you have paper! On a store-bought evergreen wreath, glue holly leaves and berries made out of card stock. For the leaves, cut out three of the same holly leaf shape and fold each one in half. Glue the three leaves together to create a 3-D paper leaf.

Splash of Neon

For the true non-traditionalist among us, this white and neon wreath is modern and unconventional. Start by spray painting an evergreen wreath white. Create tassels and geometric shapes out of bright neon card stock. Attach the tassels and shapes with glue. Hang your finished wreath with a piece of green satin ribbon for extra flair.

Candy Cane Dreams

A traditional red and white motif takes center stage on this modern garland wreath. Use pouf balls to create a patterned garland that wraps around an evergreen wreath. A needle and thread are the best way to string the pouf balls. When the garland is done, wrap it around the wreath.

Bow Wreath

Buy a few extra gift wrap bows to make a glitzy and festive holiday wreath. Start with a large bow on the side of a grapevine wreath. Glue a lot of smaller bows all around the large one and along the sides of the wreath.

Winter Whites

Do you love modern, contemporary styling? Then this all white greenery wreath is for you. Start with a grapevine wreath, then use glue or wire to attached sprigs of faux greenery. Spray the entire combo with matte white spray paint. This looks particularly beautiful styled on a black gate or outside of an urban brownstone.

Living Decor

Not feeling something classicly festive? Try an evergreen approach. Air plants are wonderful little plants that, as their name suggests, mostly live on air. That’s right -- they don't need any soil to survive. Hydrate them once a month in a bath of cool water. Start with a store-bought grapevine wreath, a bag of moss, a few air plants and one pretty succulent. Hot glue moss to the wreath and use wire to attach the air plants and the succulents. Thread one end of a piece of wire through the bottom of the air plant. Pull halfway through the plant, wrap both ends of the wire around the wreath and twist tight. Keep this beauty up as long as you like!

Budget Greenery

Most of the materials for this wreath can be found in your own backyard! Take a pair of clippers into your yard or neighborhood and clip small pieces of greenery from local plants. Take the greenery pieces and hold them in your hand like a little bouquet. Use a piece of wire to tie them onto the wreath. A big, beautiful bow will hide the ends of the branches.

Glitter Wreath

There are always lots of glittery items you can buy at the craft store this time of year. My tip for using them: always go monochromatic. Using these sparkly items in one color makes a beautiful, cohesive statement on an evergreen wreath.

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