10 Beginner Knitted Scarf Designs

Knit 10 easy and stylish scarves even a beginner knitter can do.


These projects are for any level knitter and include no purling or fancy stitches. In some projects, the needle size and yarn used are listed. If not listed, feel free to choose your own needle gauges and yarn types. You will need various yarns, knitting needles and scissors for these projects.

Scarf 1

This relatively short scarf is soft and can be worn several different ways.

Yarn: Pezuche from Suss Designs - 100% rayon

Needles: size #6 or #7

Cast on 20 to 25 stitches and knit to end of skein of yarn. Finished scarf measures 3-1/4" x 47".

Scarf 2

This long black scarf has multicolored dots.

Yarn: Prisma by Filatura DiCrosa Italy (2 skeins, 82 yds. each)

Needles: #15

Cast on 10 sts. and knit to desired length. Scarf measures 5" x 78".

Scarf 3

This long multicolored (blue, black, purple) scarf features 10-inch fringe.

Yarn: one skein of Chameleon by Online*

Needles: #17

*This was a big skein because the yarn was so fat and fluffy.

Cast on 10 stitches. Knit to end of skein saving just enough for fringe if desired. The fringe was made by cutting twenty 20-inch lengths. Fold a length in half and pull the folded end through one of the stitches at the end of the scarf. Pull the two ends through the loop and pull to tighten the loop. Repeat across the row.

Scarf 4

This white fuzzy scarf is soft and warm.

Yarn: two balls of Eskimo by Filatura DiCrosa of Italy

Needles: #11

Cast on 15 sts. Scarf measures 45" x 6".

Scarf 5

Burgundy yarn with a subtle sparkle adds to this scarf's elegance. Add fringe using scarf 3's technique, except pull through four strands of yarn. The strands will be 5 to 6 " long after knotting. This scarf measures 6" by 45", plus 5-1/2" of fringe on each end.

Yarn: two balls of Gala yarn from Suss Designs

Needles: #8

Cast on 25 sts. Knit.

Scarf 6

This scarf is made with variegated yarn with lavender, dark lavender, medium blue and pea green as the main colors. Yarn is also varied in thickness, from 1/4-inch thick then twisted until only a fraction of an inch, or 1/16-inch thick. Choose a corresponding colored eyelash-type yarn.

Yarn: one skein of Hiphop by Borrocco

one ball of Zap by Borroco (multicolored eyelash-type yarn)

Needles: #8

Cast on 16 sts. with the fuzzy yarn and knit for approximately 16 rows or 4-1/2 inches. Add the non-fuzzy yarn. Knitting with both yarns, continue across the row decreasing 4 sts. by knitting two sts. together four times at equally spaced intervals. Drop the fuzzy yarn and continue knitting with the heavier yarn on the remaining 12 sts. until scarf is approximately 73 inches long, including the fuzzy end. Pick up the fuzzy yarn and knit with the two yarns across the row adding 4 evenly spaced stitches as you go. Drop the variegated yarn and continue knitting on the 16 sts. for another 4 inches. Cast off.

Scarf 7

This scarf uses yarn that's hardly yarn at all! Instead, it's a rather thin strand of yarn fibers with little "puffs" of yarn every few inches. The "puffs" are orange, purple and green. This scarf measures 5" x 38".

Yarn: "Explosion" by Plymouth (2 balls)

Needles: #15

Stitches: 15

Scarf 8

This yarn is a combination of light and dark brown twisted together then wrapped with a thread of black. Add a strand of black eyelash yarn and knit lengthwise. This scarf measures 3" x 43".

Needles: #11

Stitches: 100

Scarf 9

This yarn is quite beautiful and saves you the trouble of picking out three or four complimentary yarns because it is already a combination of yarns, including mohair for a light, airy effect.

Yarn: Show Stopper by Ironstone

Needles: #17

Stitches: 100

Scarf 10

Knit entirely of pure silk ribbons, this scarf is fun to make and wonderful to wear. We selected eight complimentary ribbon colors, but you might prefer to use only a few. You'll need 40-yard spools.


1. Place all of the spools of ribbon into a bag. Without looking, pick one of the spools out. Cut off a length of the ribbon (not less than one yard.) Put spool aside.

2. Without looking, select another spool of ribbon. Again, cut off a length of ribbon but don't make it the same length as the one before. Make it shorter or longer. With an overhand knot, attach one end of this ribbon to one end of the first ribbon leaving ends of 3 to 4 inches.

3. Continue in this manner, selecting ribbon after ribbon without looking and tying the ends of the cut lengths together. When all eight spools have been used, put them back in the bag and start over. Repeat the process several more times until you have a good length of knotted-together ribbon and start knitting. Continue to cut, knot together and knit until you have a scarf of the desired length. Ours measured 3" x 69". To each end we added 12-inch lengths of ribbon for fringe.

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