10 Wedding Cake Toppers for Same-Sex Couples

Finding bride and bride or groom and groom options is still tough in stores. We found 10 handmade and custom-designed options to show off a couple's personality and love.

By: Adrienne Jordan and Deanne Revel
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Peg People Cake Toppers

These hand-painted wooden pegs from Lovebirds Goods offer personalized and intricate details from white lace patterns to tiny boutonnieres.

Mr. and Mr.

Keep it classy with thin script. Save this plastic cake topper and repurpose on a wreath for your new home.

Dramatic Silhouette

Turn an engagement picture into a silhouette for your cake topper. After the wedding, frame it in a shadow box for a chic (and budget-friendly) piece of art.

Clay People Cake Toppers

Make clay versions of you and your spouse. You could copy your exact wedding outfits or show different parts of your personalities and hobbies. The material, Fimo (a type of polymer), is hardy and will last for years after.

Paper Cutouts

Paper dolls aren't just for kids. These easy print-outs are budget-friendly and can be framed or turned into a holiday ornament after the wedding.

For the Ultimate "Friends" Fan

If your love is as strong as Ross and Rachael, say it with this same-sex couple twist.

Dapper Penguin Cake Toppers

Animals are a fun way to liven up a cake and these penguins are extra cute with bow and neck ties.

Crochet Couple

These hand-crocheted figures are perfect for retro weddings and pair well with lace doilies as table decor.

"Best Day Ever" Banner

You don't have to have people cake toppers. Use a phrase that sums up the whole day or even a quote about love that you and your spouse like. Tiny banners with twine are a great choice for rustic weddings.

Wobble People

Cake toppers don't have to be on top of the cake. Since these figures are so large compared to the cake, the hand-painted family is featured on the side.

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