Treat Mom to an Elegant Mother's Day Brunch

Celebrate motherhood with a fun and delicious springtime brunch for Mother's Day.
By: Manvi Drona-Hidalgo

Set the Foundation

To dress up the table, start with a protective padded liner to protect the table from spills and scratches. A printed linen fabric serves as the tablecloth. A color palette of apricot and sea glass is perfect for an afternoon brunch.

Think About the Flow

Draw a party flow plan and create conversation spots. Think about how and where you want guests to congregate at the party. A self-serve beverage or dessert table are great centers of attention and will keep guests out of the kitchen. Simple round and square foldout tables covered with fabric work best.

Designer Invites Without the Cost

Mail out paper invitations and allow guests to RSVP online. Leaving the design simple makes the invite look elegant and allows for a thoughtful handwritten message that gets guests excited for your party. For a glamorous look, line plain envelopes with gold dust wrapping paper. Cut card stock to envelope size, use a craft punch to create spring-inspired cutouts and attach to the cards with glue to tie in with the decor.

Call the Pros

Know what you can do and what you should leave to the professionals. Talk to your local florist and bakery. Establish the budget, give them the exact time and dates and the party's theme details. Most bakers can customize the dessert in the colors of your event. Order a few extra in individual boxes to serve as party favors.

Stunning Centerpiece

This centerpiece features locally grown white calla lilies, white hydrangeas, gloriosa lilies, freesia, viburnum and green hanging amaranthus in a footed copper vase.

Combine New With Old

Mix high and low by pairing mismatched thrifted dinner and salad plates with quality stemware. The modern shapes of the stemware alongside vintage china and whimsical teacups create one-of-a-kind place settings.

Menu Cards

One detail always appreciated by guests is menu cards. Print them on card stock left over from the invitations and place in folded napkins or on plates. If you are the chef for the party, print recipes on the back of the invitations for guests to take home as favors.

Place Cards

Print your own place cards with card stock and a pretty font. For each mother attending, be sure to add "Happy Mother's Day" to the place card.

Pretty Flower Arrangements

Elevate ordinary blooms by placing them in unusual containers to create extraordinary arrangements. Milk-white compotes, assorted stemware and metallic containers are inexpensive and can be found at thrift stores. Avoid heavily scented flowers and candles that interfere with food and wine aromas.

Simple Decorations

Use the spring-inspired craft punch to make additional cutouts for recipe cards, cake toppers, garlands, favor tags, drinks stirrers and more.

For the Road

To complete the setting for an indulgent afternoon, create a favors table. Cover a wrought-iron garden table with leftover fabric and stock with an assortment of favors such as bath bombs, travel-sized scented candles, cupcakes, handmade letterpress calling cards and recipe cards in vintage trays.

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