Plan the Ultimate Wedding

Get hitched without a hitch with these tips and advice.
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Getting Started

Choose a theme for your wedding, whether it's a particular color or a Moroccan or Tuscan style. Your theme is the starting point for all your ideas on how you want your wedding to look and by figuring out your budget.

Pick the Right Flowers

Flowers set the mood for your event and it's the first thing that guest see when they walk into your venue. They can add a splash of color or give a hint of subdued elegance. When picking flowers, a couple should expect to spend around 10 percent of their overall wedding budget.

Set the Tone With Invitations

Invitations are one of the most important components of planning a wedding. It's how you communicate what is going to be happening and determine the excitement that people bring to the party itself. Invitations should go out approximately six to eight weeks before the wedding. Invitations set the tone for your wedding, so be creative and clever in what you do.

Choose a Useful Favor

A wedding favor is a small token that the guests take away from the reception. Historically, it used to be a slice of the wedding cake. Wedding experts suggest having favors that are either edible or useful such as a donation to a charity that's very close to the couple’s hearts.

Find the Perfect Dress

When you start shopping for a dress, keep in mind the look of the wedding. Is it an outside garden event or in a formal ballroom? Make sure your dress fits the feel and style you desire for your big day. Buy a dress in a similar style to your every day clothes. It won't look natural and you won't feel comfortable.

Design a Stunning Tabletop

Guests spend most of their time at the reception, so a stunning tabletop is a must. Keep all the elements in mind when planning, including the linens, napkins, charger plates, china, drinking glasses and chairs. When choosing linens, consider your floral design and what other elements will be on the table. Don't make the tabletop too busy or overcrowded and make sure all your colors blend.

All About Presentation

Catering and food takes about 50 percent of your budget, so take your time in deciding what to serve. Food is one of the main reasons why weddings are such a phenomenon right now. Try some creative food design by arranging tiny individual salads on Asian spoons or serving hors d’oeuvres in martini glasses. It's all about beautiful and unique presentation.

Celebrate With Cake

Consider the wedding cake as one of the most important elements not only of the dessert but also of the decor. A lot of things are riding on the look and style of the cake, it's there in the room creating excitement and drama until the very last moment when the bride and groom cut it and share it with the rest of the guests.

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