Make Your Own Horseshoe Court

Pitching horseshoes in the backyard is a way to get more enjoyment out of your living space and build a little friendly competition among family and friends.

Photo By: Photo By Mark Wolfe

Photo By: Photo By Mark Wolfe

Photo By: Photo By Mark Wolfe

Photo By: Photo By Mark Wolfe

Photo By: Photo By Mark Wolfe

Photo By: Photo By Mark Wolfe

Photo By: Photo By Mark Wolfe

Photo By: Mark Wolfe

Make Your Own Horseshoe Court

A DIY horseshoe court can take just a couple of hours to construct, and it will give you plenty of entertainment.


You will need three six-foot 1x6 pressure treated boards / eight 1 5/8" deck screws / three bags of play sand / shovel / sledge hammer / tape measure / saw / square / level / drill and a horseshoe game kit.

Place the Metal Stakes

Lay out the stakes forty feet apart on level ground. They should be 15 inches tall and lean slightly toward the center of the court.

Loosen the Soil Around the Stakes

Horseshoes will bounce off hard ground. Loosen the soil in a six-foot long by three-foot wide area, with the stake in the center.

Cut and Place the Frame

Seat the frame in a shallow trench around the loosened soil. Fasten the corners with two deck screws each.

Square and Level the Frame

Adjust the corners of the frame to ensure they are square. Then check the sides, front and back to make sure the frame is level all the way around.

Smooth the Surface

Remove roots and sticks and rake the surface smooth and even. If there is a trench around the outside of the frame, back fill it to support the frame.

Add Play Sand

Add the three bags of play sand and rake it smooth. Double check the height of the stake. You're ready to play! 

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