How to Throw a Cheeseburger Bash

If you've never thought about throwing a party for all your burger-loving pals, you're doing it all wrong.

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Photo By: Bethany Nauert

Photo By: Bethany Nauert

Photo By: Bethany Nauert

Photo By: Bethany Nauert

Photo By: Bethany Nauert

Photo By: Bethany Nauert

Photo By: Bethany Nauert

Photo By: Bethany Nauert

Photo By: Bethany Nauert

Photo By: Bethany Nauert

Photo By: Bethany Nauert

Photo By: Bethany Nauert

Photo By: Bethany Nauert

Photo By: Bethany Nauert

Photo By: Bethany Nauert

"Cheeseburger in Paradise..."

Give this much-loved, delicious American fave the spotlight it deserves by throwing a burger-licious bash for you and your friends. It's time to get your cheeseburger on!

Send Out Invites

Before you throw your party, invite all your friends over with these adorable cheeseburger invites. Get the invites from

Dress Up Your Flatware

Place red bandanas inside Mason jars, along with silverware for a festive way to set the buffet table. Keep the red bandana theme going by using them as napkins.

Keep Your Space Clean

Where does the trash go? This is something we often forget when we throw a party. Set up two large, lidded baskets outside, one for trash and one for recycling, and label them with pretty signs.

Prep Burgers Ahead of Time

Prep mini cheeseburgers for your guests before they arrive, so you can enjoy the party, too. Use slider buns instead of regular hamburger buns. Plan on 2-3 sliders per guest.

Bake Your Cheeseburgers

Put all sliders in a baking pan, and bake them in the oven. This allows you to cook all your burgers at once and is less messy. Watch them carefully, as smaller burgers cook much faster than larger ones.

Dress the Burgers

Use a small muffin tin to offer a selection of cheeseburger toppings. Our favorite toppings include baby pickles, hot sauce, pickled veggies and mayo.

Ketchup and More

Everyone will expect ketchup, but up your condiment game by giving guests a variety of choices. Use plastic squeeze bottles with chalk labels. We included different kinds of ketchup, mustard, sweet barbecue sauce, and curry sauce.

Sun's Out, Buns Out

Offer cut paper sleeves so guests can eat their burgers mess free. Download this free printable pattern from Studio DIY, and use sticker paper to print them out. Cut them out, peel the backing and place on paper burger sleeves.

French Fry Bar

Use a dessert stand to display different types of French fries. Include crinkle fries, curly, and waffle fries, and serve with tongs. Provide small paper fry trays for easy consumption.

Don't Forget Your Veggies

Create a simple salad for your health-conscious friends, and package them in plastic, lidded cups for portability. Place a plastic fork in the cup's straw hole, as well as dressing choices for easy drizzling.

Burger-licious Decor

Keep the decorations simple. Wrap empty boxes with cheeseburger wrapping paper, and piled it high on the main food table for an eye-catching centerpiece.

Water Break

In addition to sodas and beers, provide plenty of water. Set up a "water break" station with a big jug filled with filtered water and sliced lemons.

Dessert Kabobs

Use wood skewers to create your own unique dessert kabobs. Go all out with doughnut holes, brownie bites, marshmallows and chopped snack cakes. Also provide healthy fruit kabobs for your health-conscious friends.

Cheeseburger Sunglasses

Set up a cheeseburger photo booth with props, funny hats, and burger sunglasses. Purchase enough sunglasses, so each guest can take theirs home as a party favor.

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