DIY Travel-Themed Baby Shower

Plan the ultimate travel-themed baby shower with printable invites and a DIY paper airplane garland.

Photo By: Michelle Edgemont

Photo By: Michelle Edgemont

Photo By: Michelle Edgemont

Photo By: Michelle Edgemont

Photo By: Michelle Edgemont

Photo By: Michelle Edgemont

Photo By: Michelle Edgemont

Photo By: Michelle Edgemont

Photo By: Michelle Edgemont

Photo By: Michelle Edgemont

Photo By: Michelle Edgemont

Photo By: Michelle Edgemont

Photo By: Michelle Edgemont

Photo By: Michelle Edgemont

Create a Travel-Themed Food Table

Anything travel related is fair game to use as decor for this adventure-filled party. A street atlas, luggage, maps and globes serve as easy-to-find decor.

Mail Out Invitations

To have a baby is to go on one of life’s greatest adventures. Use that quote as a guide when you send these travel-themed invitations. Download the pdf version of the invite, add your own informational text, and print out on white cardstock. Send in kraft paper envelopes with travel-themed vintage stamps, which can be easily found online.

Incorporate Luggage

Miniature luggage sets, sold online, are used as stands for platters of food. The different sizes of luggage create a sense of height and variety for the table.

Give an Old Atlas Purpose

All you need to make any table ready for a travel-themed party is a white linen and a street atlas of the United States. Tear out pages of the atlas. Scatter them around the table to almost completely cover the linen. It’s an easy, inexpensive way to bring a travel-themed party to life.

Serve Delicious Snacks

To add a travel-inspired touch to the food platters, serve some of the less messy dishes, such as lemon poppy bread, on a placemat made from a page out of the street atlas.

All in the Decor Details

And, of course, no travel party is complete without a globe and a paper airplane garland. Find directions to make the garland here.

Decorate With Plants

Here’s a secret to a well-styled buffet table: add a few small plants. That’s it! No flowers to arrange. Simply purchase a few small household plants and scatter around the table to fill in gaps and add a pretty touch of life.

DIY Clouds + Paper Airplane Garland

Floating DIY clouds and paper airplane garland complete the look. Always remember about the space above the table, too. Either a pretty backdrop, or in this case hanging decor, bring the eye up to create a sense of variety. Find instructions to make the adorable cloud backdrop here.

Present Savory Quiches

Quiche, popular in France, is an egg mixture baked in a flaky pie crust. Serve a variety of quiches to please even the pickiest guests. We recommend bacon cheddar, truffle mushroom and spinach ricotta.

Provide Fresh Greens

Fresh green salads are a perfect complement to rich quiche. Keep the exotic travel theme going with the salads by incorporating interesting ingredients such as almonds, blueberries, goat cheese, goji berries and feta crumble.

Serve Something Sweet

Greek yogurt (full fat version is the best) topped with homemade granola and a drizzle of honey is a guilty pleasure that tastes as good as it looks.

Make Mimosas

Don’t forget the drinks! These fruity mimosas were made with champagne and freshly-squeezed juice.

Offer Iced Coffee

Serve iced coffee in stemless wine glasses and decorate them with map hearts and mini clothespins.

Give Advice

Advice for the parents-to-be! Have guests give the parents their best “travel” tips for their new life with a new baby by filling out these printable cards.

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