4 Fun Themes for Kids' Birthday Parties

Make your child's next birthday party a blast with one of these creative theme ideas.

Photo By: Laura Fenton

Totally Nautical

Let your little one's imagination set sail with a nautical-themed birthday party. Start with a red, white and blue color scheme, add some seaworthy decor like flags and knots, and serve nautical-themed snacks like Goldfish crackers and Life Savers. Photo by Laura Fenton.

Baseball Bonanza

If your child is a baseball lover, take the kids out to the ballpark for a game of baseball, softball or T-ball. Make the birthday boy or girl his or her very own baseball T-shirt with iron-on transfer paper. If you're ambitious, you can make shirts for every one of your guests in lieu of favors. Photo by Laura Fenton.

A Day at the Circus

Make your child's birthday the greatest show on earth with a circus-themed party. Serve popcorn, peanuts and other snacks from a tray as if you were a vendor at the circus. For activities, try face painting or classic games that fit the circus theme, like pin the tail on the donkey. Photo by Laura Fenton.

The Great Adventure

A scavenger-hunt birthday party, complete with a treasure at the end, will keep kids entertained for hours. Set the stage for an exciting escapade by printing invitations on parchment-like paper and mailing them in classic airmail envelopes. Don't forget to include a map to the party, marking its location with an X. Photo by Laura Fenton.

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