15 Fabulous Pink Flowers to Pretty Up Your Wedding

Pluck these blushing beauties for your centerpieces or bouquet.

Photo By: Image courtesy of David Austin Roses

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Photo By: Image courtesy of Dig.Drop.Done

'James Galway' Rose

The David Austin pink rose 'James Galway' (Auscrytal) is a lush beauty with a warm pink color and an Old Rose fragrance.

China Pink Tulip Produces Lilylike Blooms

The 'China Pink' produces lilylike candy pink flowers on tall, graceful stems from mid- to late spring.

Markhams Pink Features Double Flowered Blooms

Clematis, Markhams Pink, presents beautiful, nodding, deep pink flowers resembling little ballerina dresses. It produces masses of 3 inch flowers from April thru June followed by attractive seed heads in summer.

The 'Gertrude Jekyll' Rose

One of the finest pink rose flowers, the 'Gertrude Jekyll' rose's fragrance is so heavenly it was the first rose essence used in England.

Rhododendron Yakushimanum

The rhododendron yakushimanum is a compact, domed species with rose-pink flowers that fade to white or pale pink.

Pretty Peony

The peony is a large, double, vivid pink-crimson flower with satiny, ruffled petals. It blooms in early to mid-summer.

The 'Pink Giraffe' Dahlia

The 'Pink Giraffe' dahlia is unique with its swept-back pink and white petals. This variegated variety grows knee-high and makes a dramatic splash as a patio flower.

'Pink Bells' Rose

Rosa, 'Pink Bells', is a hardy, spreading groundcover rose that produces pompon, fully double, bright pink flowers with abundant, mid green foliage. Often the flowers are very fragrant.

'Sweet Compassion' Rose

This strongly scented, bushy climbing rose with dark green leaves has double blooms in salmon-pink tinted with apricot.

'Pink Impression' Tulip

The lustrous petals of ‘Pink Impression’ tulip are a deep, rich rose at the center, shading to a delicate pale pink at the edge, while doing amazing things in between that include shades of melon to sunset.

'Hamburg' Hydrangea

Hydrangea macrophylla, 'Hamburg', is a vigorous hydrangea that can change the color of its very large individual flowers. In acid soil they are deep blue, in neutral they are bright pink and the flowers turn deep red in autumn.

'Felicite Parmentier' Rose

The 'Felicite Parmentier' rose features very fragrant flowers. As the flower develops it opens into blush pink rosette shaped flowers, that reflex into a dome shaped or pompom shaped flower.

Dianthus 'Becky Robinson'

Dianthus 'Becky Robinson' bears pretty semi double flowers on this compact perennial plant. It features clear pink blooms bordered with deep red.

Dahlia 'Pink Jupiter'

The 'Pink Jupiter' is a giant semi-cactus dahlia with a sumptuous, expressive form.

'Green Wave' Tulip

The spectacular 'Green Wave' parrot tulip greets you on spring mornings with wide-opening pink, cream and green flowers.

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