14 Winter Party Trends for Your Next Snow Day

There may be a chill in the air, but that just means you have to move the parties indoors for a few months. Check out our favorite winter entertaining ideas to turn snow days into just another reason to host.
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Snowed-In Lunch

To escape from winter weather, invite friends over to spend the afternoon indoors for a snowed-in lunch. Set out oversized pillows and blankets in various textures, shapes and sizes that invite guests to cozy up and relax.

Snowed-In Lunch

Decorate the table using vibrant hues that offer a mental escape from the doldrum weather. A cheese board with colorful dried and fresh fruit is the perfect snack to nibble while watching the snow pile up.

Snowed-In Lunch

Piping hot food, like crockpot meals, soup or pasta, require little effort in the kitchen and allow you to spend most of the day unwinding with friends.

Host a Cozy Soup Swap

Host a winter-perfect soup swap complete with homemade soups, cheeses, bread, crackers, nuts and fresh herbs. Display a buffet of bowls and toppings on round wooden stumps lined with tartan fabric as a toast to the season.

Host a Cozy Soup Swap

Suggest that everyone bring his or her favorite homemade soup or chili. This allows guests to test out new flavors and recipes. Plus, there should be plenty of leftovers to take home!

Host a Cozy Soup Swap

Display a variety of garnishes, such as parsley, pine nuts, oregano and shredded cheese, on the table. Guests will enjoy trying new flavor combinations without having to make multiple trips to the buffet.

Host a Cozy Soup Swap

Don't forget the favors! Send guests home with a favorite soup recipe that includes one or two of the ingredients, such as lentils or herbs.

What's My Name Again?

Monogramming is having a major moment, so get creative by adding etched family heirlooms or personalized elements, such as linen napkins and table runners, to the table.

Dressed-Up Desserts

Sweets are in season all year long, but winter is a perfect time to test out unique cocktail recipes. Get creative by blending popular seasonally-inspired flavors like chocolate with cinnamon, peppermint with coconut or apricot with rosemary to create some grown-up libations.

Dressed-Up Desserts

Simple, homemade (or even store-bought!) cinnamon rolls are dressed up with berries and cream cheese icing, proving — yet again — that presentation is everything.

Toddies With a Twist

Give hot toddies a new twist by adding a dash of zesty, orange citrus instead of lemon. Plus, this combo of ingredients has been known to offer a few extra health benefits. Thank you, vitamin C!

Mix Those Metallics

Shiny metallics in shades of pewter, silver and copper set a chic and modern vibe for dinner with a best friend, significant other or family member you're overdue on seeing.

Mix Those Metallics

Adorn the table with unexpected produce (like purple cabbage) to add extra height and drama.

Pull in Icy Pastels

Surprise guests with a variety of macarons for dessert in pastel hues as a gentle reminder that the lovely, warm spring season is just around the corner.

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