Tour The Doors' Guitarist Robby Krieger’s Home

The legendary musician, formerly of The Doors and currently of Jam Kitchen, shows us around his house and gardens in southern California.
By: Susan Hornik
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Photo By: Joel Lipton

Photo By: Joel Lipton

Photo By: Joel Lipton

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Photo By: Joel Lipton

Photo By: Joel Lipton

Photo By: Joel Lipton

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Photo By: Joel Lipton

Photo By: Joel Lipton

Photo By: Joel Lipton

Robby Krieger’s California Home

When he’s not on tour with his band, Jam Kitchen, Robby Krieger (best known as the guitarist for The Doors) can be found in his home in southern California. Robby recently gave a tour of his home, which features a music studio, a cool backyard treehouse and – of course – lots of Doors memorabilia.


Robby keeps around 30 guitars around his house. “Not as many as you might think!” he adds. While he’s currently building a new studio in Glendale to escape the distractions of home, he’s created a lot of good music in his home studio. “That’s where I play the guitar. And it’s quiet; I like to relax there,” he says.

Gold Records

Displayed in Robby’s studio, this plaque commemorates gold sales of more than 500,000 copies of The Doors box set.

African Masks

Robby says he and his wife, Lynn, enjoy collecting antiques and other interesting pieces. An assortment of African masks is showcased in a stairwell.

The Doors Posters

Several vintage posters of The Doors are displayed throughout Robby’s home. “Some stuff has gotten worn out, but I still keep it for its sentimental value,” he says.


Robby poses in his kitchen, which features wood cabinets and stainless steel appliances. “When we re-did the house, we did a lot of oak in the kitchen,” he says. “I really like natural wood.”

'Horse Latitudes' Painting

Inspired by the song “Horse Latitudes,” this painting is one of several pieces in the house that remind Robby of his days in The Doors. “I kind of feel the spirit of Jim [Morrison] and Ray [Manzarek] around me in the house too,” he says. “There’s not a day that goes by that I don’t think of them.”

Treehouse Exterior

The centerpiece of Robby’s backyard is a geodesic dome treehouse made out of redwood, and it’s a place he enjoys spending time.

Treehouse Interior

“A guy next door built a treehouse, and then the guy down the street too,” Robby says. “Eventually I said, ‘I’ve got to get one too!’” Robby took a different approach than his neighbors, building a geodesic dome rather than a typical house.


Lovely landscaping surrounds Robby’s California home, where he enjoys gardening.

Garden Walls

One of Robby’s top home projects over the past year has been making his landscape both safer and more attractive. “I used to have a very steep cliff there, and rocks would come down every time it would rain,” he says. “So we decided to put up these planters with railroad ties and knock the hill back. Now it’s no longer an earthquake hazard.”

Fruit Trees

“I really enjoy growing tomatoes, zucchini – anything like that," Robby says. “It’s fun to garden! Planting seeds that sprout new growth is just incredible.”

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