At Home With Jason and Kimberly Clark

The Ted producer and his wife designed their beautiful Spanish-style home from top to bottom on a budget. Take a look inside.

Courtyard: Jason and Kimberly Clark’s Los Angeles Home

Courtyard: Jason and Kimberly Clark’s Los Angeles Home

“In our front courtyard, we created a nice quiet space to entertain and relax with friends if people are in the pool,” Kimberly said.

Photo by: Ianthe Mauro

Ianthe Mauro

By: Susan Hornik

Fans of the blockbuster comedy Ted, starring Seth MacFarlane and Mark Wahlberg, will be happy to know that the film's executive producer, Jason Clark, is currently in production for Ted 2. When he's not busy making hit movies, you can find Jason at home with his wife, Kimberly. While she’s not an interior designer, Kimberly an impressive job co-designing this gorgeous Spanish-style, five-bedroom home in Los Angeles. Best of all, she made the house look beautiful without spending a lot of money. Here, the couple weighs in on what they love most about their home.

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Kimberly Clark

You have lovely tiles on the staircase.

We built our home from top to bottom and on a budget! My best friend had some leftover tile at her house and I loved it, but there wasn't enough to do all of the stairs. So, I just used hers every fourth step and bought different Mexican tiles for the other risers. That is what I love about Mexico; people make do with what they've got, and I love that challenge as well. Some of the most beautiful things come from mistakes and found objects.

I also have more tiles in the kitchen. I was the tile contractor on our house! It was the only way we could have what I wanted. I hired a wonderful old man from Mexico, Ruffino, who worked his old-fashioned magic on all of our tilework. I am in love with tile – the real authentic handmade tile with inconsistencies.

Neutral Spanish-Style Bedroom With Dark Wood Bed

Master Bedroom: Jason and Kimberly Clark’s Los Angeles Home

“For my husband and I, this is our favorite spot to end a busy day,” Kimberly said. “We can look out off our balcony at our pool and Buddha. At night, our pool lights light up the room in a romantic turquoise hue.”

Photo by: Ianthe Mauro

Ianthe Mauro

What's your favorite room in your home?

Our bedroom. It is a peaceful place we go when our house is full of teenagers. And it looks out onto our pool, where a statue of Buddha reminds us to chill out. But really, I love the whole home; when you travel everywhere to make movies, living out of suitcases for months on end, when you do have time to enjoy your home, it had better be reflective of peace and comfort. We wanted our home to be like a Mexican resort, and once we are behind closed doors, that's exactly what it feels like – a vacation. You'd never know we were just in Los Angeles.

And I love the guesthouse bedroom, which also has a kitchen, living room and bath as well. That little house is really a result of penny pinching. I had a worker make cabinets, the kitchen counter is concrete and the bathroom is made from tiles I bought at an Ann Sacks warehouse sale for about $200.

What drew you to your home?

We wanted our kids to grow up in a community where they could walk everywhere, so it was the area, initially. The house we bought was a little beach shack, and we tore that down to build a nice Spanish home for our family. I have always loved Spanish-influenced architecture. California was once a part of Mexico, so the Spanish theme seems to be the most natural style here. Los Angeles is peppered with some amazing Spanish homes from the 1920s, and I have always admired their aesthetic. Thick walls and cool tile floors just makes sense to me, and it is my favorite type of architecture.

Where do you like to buy home-related decor? 

Most everything we own has been purchased at a garage sale, estate sale or flea market. I just rework it a little. I seriously don't have any piece of furniture that was very costly. I like the challenge of a budget, and I love finding interesting pieces with a story.

Living Room: Jason and Kimberly Clark’s Los Angeles Home

Living Room: Jason and Kimberly Clark’s Los Angeles Home

The Clarks’ spacious living area features a stone wall that the couple installed themselves. “Our front living room is such a cozy spot to make a fire and sit with friends over a glass of wine,” Kimberly said.

Photo by: Ianthe Mauro

Ianthe Mauro

Tell me about the faces above the fireplace.

The faces above the fireplace are from an old prop house in Hollywood, I think – it was my grandmother's. I had always loved it as a kid. It's some Greek gods, and I just love the theatrics of it so much. The large blue painting is an original Botero my stepfather left me when he died, and the portrait over the bar is from my husband's family – the Austrian side. They brought it over when they fled the Holocaust.

You use stones in this room too, both in the ceiling and the wall. 

We wanted a wall that looked old, and have it look like it had been discovered. So we plastered over a stone we put up, and then Jason and I took all kinds of tools and drills and pulled most of the plaster off. It was a fun Sunday afternoon project and it really makes the house look older. I really never wanted a new-looking house, so at every turn, I tried to make decisions that were classic and old school.

Buddha Statue by Pool

Buddha Statue by Pool: Jason and Kimberly Clark’s Los Angeles Home

“Our Buddha is the large focal point of our backyard area,” Kimberly said. “He sits calmly at 6 feet tall.”

Photo by: Ianthe Mauro

Ianthe Mauro

The Buddha statue gives the pool area a restful feel.

I designed the whole pool area and always wanted a gigantic Buddha as the focal point for some reason. I just pictured it and had to find the right piece. We have an appreciation for all the good things about all religious philosophies, so it's a nice reminder. I don't really have anything else Asian in the house though.

Because our backyard is sloped, I didn't want it leveled, so I said let's just have part of the pool coming out of the ground and I will tile the wall of the pool in Mexican tile. I wanted our home to be like a resort in Mexico, and this was a fun way to deal with the problem of having a sloped yard.

What are some of your must-have essentials in the home?

I bought the lamp in the kitchen at the Rose Bowl Flea Market for $100 and had it reworked to go over our breakfast table. It is from Morocco. The breakfast table and my master bedroom bamboo end tables are from an estate sale from an old Los Angeles family who started the Hamburger Hamlet. The bamboo tables were $500 each and one of the best buys I have ever made!

I love interesting artwork! In the bedroom, I just bought the painting for my husband because he produced Fox's Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey. It's a series of vintage drawings of the moon waxing and waning. I bought it at HD Buttercup in Los Angeles. It was a little splurge for my husband, who works harder than anyone I have ever met! We have Miró and Picasso paintings too.

And I love Objects With Purpose candles; they are made by a good friend of mine, Ianthe Mauro, and they are scattered throughout my home. I love to have parties, and the smell of Ianthe's candles filling my home is so lovely. The Dahlia scent is my go to, but she has some new fragrances that are fantastic. Because they are organic coconut, I am not worried about what they’re burning into my home's atmosphere. Traditional cheap candles can give off hazardous gases. 

I bought a beautiful antique Suzani for about $300, and I designed the headboard in my bedroom and asked the carpenter to take the extra pieces and make pillows for my couch downstairs. Then I found another smaller Suzani on eBay and had it framed, and it hangs above our living room couch.

You have a lot of plants. Do you like to garden? 

I don't garden per se, but I designed my garden with the help of my good friend, Lizzie Quinn. She knows which plants are best for drought tolerance and helped me creatively, too. We live in a desert in Southern California, so I wanted our garden to reflect and respect that fact. I took out the lawn and put in Dymondia ground cover; it looks like a shimmering silver blue carpet in my front yard. I also planted pomegranate trees and lots of agave plants. We only need to water our garden areas once to twice a week. 

Jason Clark

Where do you like to work on your films?

I like working in my home office the most. We have a guesthouse out by our pool with a fountain, and it's just very peaceful. 

Looks like you have a lot of film books! 

Yes, we have a lot of film books! I love the history of Hollywood, and I am fascinated by how the industry has evolved. My favorite book is The Kid Stays in the Picture by Robert Evans.

Mediterranean Landing With Exposed Beam Ceiling & Dark Hardwood

Upstairs Landing: Jason and Kimberly Clark’s Los Angeles Home

The photo at the top of the stairs was taken by the Clarks' then 14-year-old son at The Museum of Neon in Los Angeles. “When I go up my stairs and look at this large banner-sized photo, I am reminded of my youngest son’s incredibly creative force," Kimberly said.

Photo by: Ianthe Mauro

Ianthe Mauro

What's your favorite painting in the home?

The painting hanging on the wall going up our staircase is actually a photo by our then 14-year-old son, Miles, which was taken at The Museum of Neon Art in Los Angeles. I sent the JPEG to a banner-making company and blew it up as large as I could. It was only $100 and fills the wall beautifully. Both of our boys are incredibly creative people, and I like incorporating their visions in our home design.

Are you a fan of natural wood?

I love natural wood but have chosen ebony for our home because the contrast with the white walls is so appealing to me. There are so many beautiful Spanish homes in California that were built in the 1920s; I am inspired by that era and style of architecture. Most of them featured dark woods; it's just so rich and elegant. Now, if I had a midcentury modern home, I'd probably go with natural wood. To me, those are the two architectural styles most fitting for Southern California. I get a little annoyed by all of the Hamptons-style houses popping up in my neighborhood. It's just not indigenous to our area.

That's a beautiful bathtub. What do you like about the bathroom?

I am just about to renovate our master bathroom, and it will have a much more beautiful bathtub. I am so excited and have been designing something really special.

Library: Jason and Kimberly Clark’s Los Angeles Home

Library: Jason and Kimberly Clark’s Los Angeles Home

“That burlap pillow was a nice Etsy find. I had our marriage date put on it: 12-28-88,” Kimberly said. “Sometimes we sit in that big leather chair and read.”

Photo by: Ianthe Mauro

Ianthe Mauro

What is the significance of the “12-28-88” pillow? 

The pillow in the upstairs reading nook is burlap and has the date of our wedding on it: 12/28/1988. Kimberly found it on Etsy for about $35. We love it and are reminded of our wedding and this incredible life we created since then.

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