Posh Hotel With Vibrant Colors

This lovely eclectic hotel from Rachel Reider doesn't shy away from bold colors and patterns. It features bright pinks, blues, purples and greens as well as diamond patterns, butterfly designs, library shelf wallpaper and more.
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Photo By: Rare Brick

Photo By: Rare Brick

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Photo By: Rare Brick

Photo By: Rare Brick

Vibrant Hotel Sitting Room With Round Purple Bench

Hot pink walls spread a diamond pattern throughout this colorful sitting room. A tufted purple bench with a circular design sits in the center of the room atop a leopard print rug. A green sofa rests against one wall, while a turquoise sofa fills a window nook on the opposite end of the room. A pair of black and white chairs completes the eclectic seating area.

Colorful, Eclectic Sitting Room With Diamond Patterned Walls

Bold hot pink walls with a diamond pattern catch the eye in this lively siting room. A green sofa sits against the pink wall and is decorated with throw pillows featuring the bright pink, purple and green hues used in the design. A leopard print rug adds a fun pattern to the space and pairs well with the tri-legged table.

Vibrant Sitting Room With Hot Pink Walls and Bold, Tufted Furniture

A tufted turquoise sofa fits perfectly in the window nook of this eclectic sitting room. Floor length metallic curtains frame the windows creating a natural shine in the room. A purple tufted bench complements the purple lines in the diamond pattern of the hot pink walls. Black and white chairs finish the mix of seating.

Eclectic Seating Area Boasts Hot Pink Patterned Walls

Hot pink wallpaper with a diamond design creates a bold background for a pair of black and white chairs. The chaotic pattern of the chairs' fabric provides striking contrast against the crisp, clean pattern on the wall. A small gold table and gold floor lamp add metallic accents to the space.

Eclectic Hot Pink Bar Features Butterfly Wallpaper

A purple wall is countered with a hot pink bar with a white countertop stretching the length of the room. A black and white rose floral wall is decorated with bright multicolor butterflies. Butterflies hanging in the wire case surrounding the light bulbs bring the creatures to life with a 3D look. A food display is perfectly organized down the long countertop.

Billiards Room Features White Lacquer Pool Table With Black Velvet Top

Floor to ceiling bookshelf wallpaper gives this billiards room the feel of an old library with neutral books encased in black shelves. The white lacquer pool table with a black velvet top is a gorgeous centerpiece. A deep red curtain adds a bold accent color, and a set of black and white striped chairs complement the color theme while adding a new pattern to the design.

Victorian Staircase With Bold, Dark Wood, Turquoise Walls and Yellow Gold Picture Frames

Bright turquoise wall paint brings an updated feel to the beautiful antique look of this wood staircase and railing. Ornamental designs in the wood create natural decoration, while yellow gold picture frames descending the back wall add a good contrast color to the turquoise. White molding breaks up the wall space creating a faux handrail look.

Eclectic Bedroom With Burgundy Headboard, Burnt Orange Curtains and Lavender Accents

A uniquely shaped burgundy headboard and long, burnt orange curtains are tied together with squiggly striped throw pillows on the white bed linens. A lavender blanket draped at the foot of the bed complements the soft lavender armchair. A hanging light fixture, thin floor lamp and and small circular table add gold accents to the design echoed in the gold detailing of the wallpaper.

Eclectic Bedroom With Royal Blue Accents & Feather Design Accent Wall

A feather-like look on the accent wallpaper draws the eye to the back of the room. A brown leather headboard and white bed linens are decorated by a pair of velvet blue throw pillows. A deeper royal blue armchair and 3D geometric mirror continue the accent color. A shag rug brings a soft texture against the hardwood flooring and black dresser.

Eclectic Living Room With Mauve Velvet Sofa & Tufted Blue Chair

Neutral carpet and walls set a soothing backdrop for the funky mix of colors in this eclectic space. A tufted blue chair features a watercolor fabric look mixing light and dark shades of blue. A mauve velvet sofa is finished with coastal pillows showcasing shades of green. A chunky metallic table and a thin, wispier table complete the look with metallic accents.

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