Modern Home in a Hillside

This expansive modern home, designed by Noah Walker, was built into a hillside to fully integrate with its natural surroundings. It features a gorgeous infinity pool and is surrounded by majestic oak trees.
From: Noah Walker

Photo By: Joe Fletcher

Photo By: Joe Fletcher

Photo By: Joe Fletcher

Photo By: Joe Fletcher

Photo By: Joe Fletcher

Photo By: Joe Fletcher

Photo By: Joe Fletcher

Photo By: Joe Fletcher

Photo By: Joe Fletcher

Photo By: Joe Fletcher

Photo By: Joe Fletcher

Photo By: Joe Fletcher

Photo By: Joe Fletcher

Photo By: Joe Fletcher

Photo By: Joe Fletcher

Infinity Pool Runs Under Oak Tree in Modern Backyard

A sleek, 75-foot infinity pool slips just under a large oak tree in this breathtaking backyard. The pool's clean-lined design blends beautifully with the home's modern exterior.

Stunning Modern Home With Sleek Infinity Pool

Sleek lines and sharp angles pair with glass walls and a flat roof for an ultra-modern exterior design. An infinity pool with equally sleek lines completes the stunning look.

Sleek Infinity Pool Wows at Modern Home

A 75-foot lap pool, with infinity edges on three sides, bisects this modern home and passes under the branches one of the largest oak trees on the property.

Modern Home Is Tucked Into a Hillside

This 8,000-square-foot home is carefully integrated into the surrounding landscape, which includes more than 130 live oak trees. The bedrooms are buried into a hill and beneath a green roof of edible herbs.

Boxy Structure Houses Kitchen and Dining Area

The kitchen and dining area are situated in a box-like structure that juts out over a grass and concrete patio. The patio is part of a terraced landscape strategically designed to work with the home's hillside locale.

Modern Hot Tub With Concrete Surround

Not only does this modern home boast a gorgeous natural landscape and a 75-foot infinity pool, but it also features an ultra-relaxing hot tub. The hot tub's concrete surround blends effortlessly into the concrete hardscaping.

Sliding Glass Doors Allow Indoor-Outdoor Living

Glass walls and sliding glass doors blur the lines between inside and out at this modern home. The living room flows out onto a spacious patio, providing an ideal space for entertaining a crowd.

Glass Exterior Walls Offer Connection to Landscape

Exterior walls made almost entirely of glass allow this home a remarkable connection to the surrounding landscape. Glass is used inside the home as well to keep from obstructing the gorgeous views.

Modern Kitchen Boasts Giant Window

An oversized window spans the entire length of this modern kitchen, bathing the space in natural light and offering the chef a stunning view. Rich wood cabinetry creates warmth in the otherwise light-hued space.

Modern Dining Room Features Warm Wood Accents

Rich wood accents lend warmth to this modern dining area with a crisp white ceiling and sharp black floors. A unique fireplace serves as a separation between the dining space and adjoining living room.

Modern Dining With a View

Marvel at the breathtaking view while dining in this impressive dining room with warm wood accents and sleek tile floors. A funky metallic chandelier adds a punch of pizzazz to the clean, calm space.

Modern Bedroom Is One With the Outdoors

Walls of sliding glass doors open to give this modern bedroom full access to the outdoors. Even with the doors closed, the beautiful bedroom maintains a harmonious connection to the landscape.

Modern Bedroom Features Private Patio With Sweeping Views

Large glass walls open from the bedroom to a beautiful patio, which features sweeping views of the surrounding landscape. A sleek glass railing ensures those views are uninterrupted, and modern chairs provide a place to relax.

Cozy Underground Courtyard Boasts Modern Fire Pit

This courtyard's underground design makes it feel cozy and intimate. A sleek fire pit pairs with two modern chairs to create an ideal conversation spot.

Modern Courtyard Is Nestled in the Ground

This modern home is integrated into the surrounding landscape, with part of it being buried into a hill. Here, an open courtyard offers a breath of fresh air without surfacing to ground level.

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