Neutral Bedroom & Nursery

Clean-lined midcentury-modern pieces give this master bedroom and nursery designed by Kari McIntosh Dawdy a simple, classic aesthetic that ties them together.

Photo By: Julie Mikos, Design by Kari McIntosh Dawdy

Photo By: Julie Mikos

Photo By: Julie Mikos

Photo By: Julie Mikos

Photo By: Julie Mikos

Photo By: Julie Mikos

Photo By: Julie Mikos

Photo By: Julie Mikos

Gray Bedroom with Mural of California Redwoods and Natural Wood Furniture

The homeowners love the California Redwoods, so these majestic trees were incorporated into the design of this bedroom. The gray color on the wall complements the misty quality of the mural. The natural wood of the headboard, bed frame and the dressers reflect the inherent beauty of the Redwood Forest.

Black and White California Redwood Mural in Gray Modern Bedroom

This beautiful bedroom brings in the natural beauty of the California Redwood forest.

Natural Wood Furniture in Gray Modern Bedroom

The natural wood end table and headboard help to incorporate the raw beauty of the forest and complement the mural of the majestic California Redwoods behind the bed.

Mural Behind Bed in Modern Bedroom

This beautiful, relaxing bedroom brings the elegance of the California Redwoods into the space, The mural that is on the wall behind the bed brings the misty morning to life, while the soft, inviting fabrics make the space the perfect place to relax.

Small Modern Nursery off Master Bedroom

The couple is expecting their second child, so they knew it was time to make some changed to the layout of their home. They had a new "big girl" room designed for their first child, and created this beautiful, modern nursery for their soon-to-arrive second child. The space is calming and has nothing extra-only the simple, elegant necessities. The crib and changing table are white with wood trim, an ode to the simple elegance of nature. The curtains, with their heavy texture, help to block light from the space and extend floor to ceiling to help make this small nursery look larger. The chandelier is modern as well and gives the room a unique touch.

Neutral Nursery with Modern Furniture and Light Fixture

The nursery for this couple is a beautiful, modern space. The crib and changing table, both white with wood trim, are elegant, simple and practical. These simple pieces help make the space look clean and uncluttered. The unique modern light fixture adds character to the space, while the floor-to-ceiling gray curtains add texture and help to block out light during nap time.

White Changing Table with Wood Trim and Modern Light Fixture in Neutral Modern Nursery

This neutral, modern nursery is the perfect space for these homeowners. Inspired by the simple elegance of nature, this space has been outfitted with classic necessities to make this nursery home for the couple's second child. The changing table, trimmed with natural wood, brings in the beauty of the outdoors and is complemented by its simple, white drawers. The modern chandelier brings light to the space and adds a unique, yet classy, touch. The simple gray curtains add texture, while providing a way to block sunlight from the room for nap time.

Thick Gray Curtains In Neutral Modern Nursery

These beautiful gray curtains complement the simple elegance of this nursery. They hang from floor to ceiling, which makes the room seem larger. The thick material adds texture to the space and also helps to block out the light of a bright afternoon, making the space perfect for an afternoon nap.

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