Minimalist Modern Master

Architect Brooks Dunn created a modern showplace, a home that embraces a minimalist aesthetic and lets in the world outside through retractable walls of windows.

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Photo By: Marc Angeles

Photo By: Marc Angeles

Photo By: Marc Angeles

Photo By: Marc Angeles

Photo By: Marc Angeles

Photo By: Marc Angeles

Photo By: Marc Angeles

Photo By: Marc Angeles

Photo By: Marc Angeles

Photo By: Marc Angeles

Photo By: Marc Angeles

Modern Master Suite with Outdoor Sitting Area and Retractable Glass Walls

This space's main focus is the relaxing beauty of nature, so designers added two sitting areas to be enjoyed by the couple. One of the sitting areas is outdoors, giving the couple the option of enjoying their views outside. Another way for the couple to make the most of their space is with the retractable glass walls that designers added to the room. These walls can be rolled away to allow in a cool breeze, or they can be easily closed to keep out the cool weather.

Minimalist Modern Master Bedroom with Magnificent Mountain Views

This Mount Olympus master bedroom has a view fit for the gods. The retractable window walls allow for an up close and personal view of nature, making this space the perfect place to relax. The minimalist design of the space leaves the couple with nothing to distract them from the natural beauty surrounding their home.

Modern Master Suite with Retractable Windows

This luxurious master suite has an exciting feature-the space can either be an outdoor oasis or an indoor getaway. Designers thought it would be a shame to waste the couple's magnificent mountain views, so they planned a way to bring the outdoors in. The windows that make up the walls of the master suite are retractable, giving the couple options with their space.

Modern Master Retreat with Large Windows and Sitting Area

This elegant, modern master suite features floor to ceiling windows looking out onto a beautiful mountain view, creating a peaceful space to relax. There is nothing extra in this space, so eliminating the distractions of the day is easy.

Modern Master Suite with Two Sitting Areas and Beautiful Mountain Views

This elegant, modern master suite has everything a couple could ask for. A sitting room sits just off the sleeping area. This sitting room contains a fireplace that helps to keep the couple warm and cozy in the evenings and modern, elegant furniture. A second sitting area rests directly across the space. This area is strategically placed in front of the couple's floor to ceiling windows that accent their exquisite mountain view. A king sized bed is situated directly in the middle of the space.

Zebra Wood Cabinets and White Countertops in Gray and White Modern En Suite

This elegant, master en suite brings some of the elements of the kitchen, such as the zebra wood cabinets and white countertops, and blends them with the gray and white tile to give the whole house continuity.

Glass Windows Provide Access to the Beautiful Views of Mount Olympus

The glass walls of this shower room, just off the master suite, allows the bather to enjoy the beautiful Mount Olympus views, just like the retractable window walls in the master bedroom accentuate the beauty of the surrounding mountains.

Shower Room with Gray and White Tile in Modern Master En Suite

The small gray and white tile of the shower room adds a bit of flair to this modern en suite. The large tile of the marble floor in the bathroom area adds color and compliments the modern design of the space, but the shower room adds elegant contrast and give the space a little extra dimension.

Gray and White Minimalist Modern Master Bathroom

These homeowners wanted a master bathroom with just the essentials, so designers added a deep basin sink and an eco-friendly toilet. The space gets an elegant touch with the tile all around. The gray and white marble on the floor give this bathroom an upscale feel, while the small gray and white tile on the wall gives the space a little more detail.

Modern Mount Olympus Residence with Beautiful View of the City

At night, the couple can enjoy their bird's eye view of Mount Olympus from either story of their modern house or from their backyard pool. All three overlook the city with a magnificent view.

Indoor/Outdoor Modern Master Suite with Mountain View

At night, the couple have the option of watching from inside their modern master suite or outside on the deck. They even have the ability to remove the walls of their space and have the best of both worlds.

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