Luxurious Walk-In Closet

When designing for the stars, Lisa Adams, owner of LA Closet Design, gets a chance to be creative with closets. She designed this walk-in fitness closet designed for Khloe Kardashian adding custom touches like lit hanging rods, a mini fridge and glass boutique-style display cases.

Photo By: LA Closet Design

Photo By: LA Closet Design

Photo By: LA Closet Design

Photo By: LA Closet Design

Photo By: LA Closet Design

Photo By: LA Closet Design

Photo By: LA Closet Design

Photo By: LA Closet Design

Photo By: LA Closet Design

Organization is key in this bright, white contemporary walk-in fitness closet designed for Khloe Kardashian. Custom bright white shelving and cabinetry opens up the space and turns a huge sneaker collection into a boutique-style display. Purposeful organization creates space for private workout sessions.

A fabulous, floor-to-ceiling sneaker display is a colorful focal point in this luxurious, contemporary walk-in closet belonging to Khloe Kardashian. Designer Lisa Adams used custom L-shaped shelves to make the most of tight corners, while custom heights assures every pair of shoes has a place.

An illuminated glass case highlights a colorful accessory display in this contemporary walk-in closet. The custom case slides open for easy access and adds to the space's luxurious boutique feel.

An overlay of the cabinets helps to hide a small refrigerator in Khloe Kardashian's luxurious walk-in fitness closet. Bright white cabinets open up the narrow galley space and create a clean, seamless look.

A cabinet overlay keeps a mini fridge hidden for a clean and seamless look in this contemporary walk-in closet. Custom shelves and illuminated hanging rods are deluxe accents in this luxurious closet belonging to Khloe Kardashian.

Effective lighting transforms this walk-in closet belonging to Khloe Kardashian into a stylish luxury space. Custom hanging rods illuminate every item while recessed ceiling lights feature an automatic, eco-friendly sensor.

Custom shelves boast lighted hanging rods to make items visible and easy to find in this luxury walk-in closet. A purposeful layout makes it easy to move through clothes and accessories to get dressed and get moving.

Custom-lighted hanging rods allow for every item of clothing to be seen in this bright white, contemporary walk-in closet. Color-coded hanging accentuates the boutique style of this spacious fitness closet.

Bright and colorful gym accessories make for a bold display in an illuminated glass case featured in a bright white contemporary walk-in closet. This custom dresser helps create a look in a personal closet.

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