10 Things You Need Before Bringing a Cat Home

From pet-proofing supplies to five-star bowls, your new kitty is going to need these 10 items.

Sometimes it takes months of planning. Other times, it's a bit of surprise. Either way, once you've decided to add a new addition to the family, it's a pretty big deal. No, this doesn't always mean a baby or even a dog. It can also mean that you've found the purr-fect companion: a cat.

Cats are known to be pretty low-maintenance, making them simple enough to prepare for. There are, however, some necessary items to help transition seamlessly into having another member of the family.

1: All Curled Up

Just like the rest of us, cats love to have their own space. Make sure you give your cat a place where they can sleep, lounge and relax when they're not too busy cuddling up with you or playing with toys. BUY IT: Chewy, $45

2: Gourmet Goodies

Also relatable: Cats love a good meal. Make sure you're on the lookout for healthy, nutritious foods — dry or soft — and that you're purchasing food that's appropriate for your cat's age or any dietary restrictions. BUY IT: Petco, $20

3: Potty Break

How could you forget? Nature calls and when it does, be sure you have a litter box ready with plenty of litter. If you're worried about your cat avoiding their new bathroom, add some litter attractant to the mix as well. BUY IT: Modkat, $80

4: Sitting Pretty

For the most part, cats will take care of their own grooming, no hair appointments necessary. Sometimes, though, they just can't reach every spot. In those cases, use a tool like the Furminator or a feline-approved dry shampoo spray to help them look their best. BUY IT: Amazon, $43

5: Playtime!

Even indoor cats need to let loose and go wild sometimes. A scratch post is basically like a kitty hand massage, and a good set of toys is even more perfect. These fun gizmos are actually helpful in getting cats active and exercising. BUY IT: Bed, Bath and Beyond, $39

6: Five-Star Cooking

If you're going to enjoy a meal after all the scratching and cuddling, you need the perfect dish to eat from. There are simple dishes of many kinds, but recently, smart dishes that dispense food automatically have helped owners ration and keep track of food for their furry friends. BUY IT: Overstock, $65

7: Fashion Feline

The perfect collar can capture your cat's personality and make a statement about who they are, literally and figuratively. Engraved or marked collars can help identify your pet if they ever get lost (or escape). Adding a bell will prevent any sneak attacks as well! BUY IT: Etsy, $15.50

8: On the Go

It's tough to leave your pet behind when wanderlust calls. You can bring them with you on trips, or head to the vet's office with the help of the right carrier. For them to enjoy the journey, make sure that their travel-friendly space feels just like five-star traveling. BUY IT: Target, $45

9: Pet Proof

Having a cat is kind of like having a baby, especially when it comes to cat-proofing your home. Electrical plug covers are necessary, as well as foam covers for exposed wires and mounting putty or adhesives for any breakable loose ends in your cat's way. BUY IT: Buy Buy Baby, $5

10: Hot Mess

As is the case with all pets, cats can be a little bit messy. Accidents happen. Be prepared and minimize the risk of stains or spills by keeping some high-quality cleaning supplies on hand and at the ready. BUY IT: Walmart, $13

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