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I Tested Amazon's Best-Selling Automatic Pet Feeder Nov 1, 2019

The Arf Pets automatic food dispenser is top-rated with more than 50 percent of reviewers giving it five-stars. So, did it live up …

How to Make a Flower Harness and Leash for Your Dog Aug 15, 2019

Dress up your pup for a special occasion with this DIY floral harness and coordinating leash. It’s the perfect accessory for a flo …

How to Easily Make a Hideaway Dog Bed Aug 9, 2019

Now you see it, now you don't. Free up floor space with a DIY doggie trundle bed.

Are Antlers Safe for Dogs? Jul 16, 2019

Know the potential risks before letting your pup chew on antlers.

How to Build a Fur-tastic Dog Washing Station Jun 25, 2019

Raise your paw if you think your pup deserves his own personal outdoor shower!

Your Pup Can Lounge Just Like Dad With La-Z-Boy's Newest Pet Collection May 30, 2019

Furry friends deserve to be just as comfortable as their human companions. La-Z-Boy's debut pet bed collection offers comfort, dur …

DIY Dog Silhouette Wall Art May 2, 2019

Calling all dog moms and dads! Easily turn pics of your pups into eye-catching art that you or any pet-lover on your gift list wil …

How to Keep Your Pet at Ease During a Home Renovation May 16, 2019

Follow these tips to keep your pet safe and comfortable while your home’s a construction zone.

DIY Elevated Dog Feeding Station With Built-In Storage Apr 19, 2019

It’s time to tame the mess that the dog bowl makes on your kitchen floor. For the cost of just one sheet of plywood, build this ra …

DIY the Window Seat of Your Favorite Feline's Dreams Sep 30, 2019

Sunbathing, bird watching and lazing about — need we say more?

DIY Doggie Bed Ramp With Smart Storage Sep 30, 2019

After a long day, even man's best friend could use a leg up when getting on the bed. Make their ruff life a little easier with thi …

DIY Pet Stairs With Handy Built-In Storage Mar 27, 2019

Your dog will be able to reach snuggle heaven using this DIY staircase that has extra storage for toys.

DIY Posh Pet Cabinet Feb 25, 2019

Add storage with style with this clever DIY that keeps your pet's products right at your fingertips while keeping your pup's paws …

How to Construct a Double-Decker Dog Bed Feb 19, 2019

Be the perfect pup parent and DIY a bed your dog will dream of all day long. Note: Please be sure to trim the dangling, knotted fa …

5 Things I Swear By As a Cat Mom May 8, 2019

Coexisting with cats can be even easier.

14 Gifts Under $20 for Your Cat Nov 4, 2019

Or cats if you're a crazy cat lady like me.

Cyber Monday: Best Pet Deals on Amazon Right Now Nov 26, 2018

Don't forget your four-legged family members with these limited-time deals on Amazon.

Create Designer Digs for Your Dog Using an Upcycled Pallet May 8, 2019

Here's an easy-to-build doghouse that's not only adorable (check out that rooftop garden!), but it puts a wooden pallet to good us …

10 Nerdy Buys for Your Pet Oct 26, 2018

Help your pets celebrate their nerdiness with these fun finds.

10 Pet (and Pet-Loving People) Products That Give Back Sep 17, 2018

Go ahead — splurge on yourself and your four-legged friends! These goodies benefit you and needy creatures around the country.

7 Ways to Remember How Great Your Dog Was Sep 17, 2018

Saying goodbye to your pup is hard, but doing something to mark his passing helps ease the hurt.

How to Install an Electric Underground Fence for Pets Sep 14, 2018

Save on installation costs by learning how to run your own "invisible" home fence for the containment and safety of your furry BFF …

11 Celebrity Pet Names Worth Copying Sep 17, 2018

Take a cue from these pet-loving celebs.

Room of the Week: Dog Days of Summer Sep 14, 2018

Our shopping picks bring a whole new meaning to "drool-worthy".

Why I Have Decided to Only Adopt Senior Dogs Sep 17, 2018

I've become the accidental owner of a dog retirement refuge, and I wouldn't change a thing.

25 Design-Inspired Pet Names Sep 17, 2018

Celebrate your love of interior design and decorating with these adorable dog and cat names.

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