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How to Make a Magical Unicorn Birthday Cake Aug 27, 2019

Make your little one’s day truly magical with an enchanted unicorn cake. This single-digit cream tart confection is made with laye …

Kid-Approved Playrooms That Grown-Ups Love Too Aug 23, 2019

Here's proof that you can have kids and fun-tastic areas that look totally awesome. Shop these chic playrooms with HGTV Magazine.

How to Make a Reusable First-Day-of-School Sign Aug 15, 2019

Commemorate important milestones in your child's life with these easy-to-make chalkboard back-to-school signs.

Budget-Friendly Favors: Easy Plaster-Dipped Flowers + Succulents Aug 6, 2019

Dip inexpensive faux flowers and succulents into plaster to create delicate mini sculptures that look like pricey porcelain. Perfe …

The Best Prime Day Deals on Back-to-School Supplies Jul 16, 2019

Snag lunch boxes, backpacks, food storage containers and more during Amazon's 2019 Prime Day sale.

9 Top-Rated Backpacks for Back-to-School at Every Age Jul 8, 2019

Send your kiddos and teens back to school with backpacks that can handle everything they throw in it.

How to Build a Perfectly Portable Lemonade Stand Jul 9, 2019

When life gives you lemons, make…a lemonade stand.

Science for Kids: 2 Ways to Make a Cloud in a Jar Jun 13, 2019

Amaze your kids while teaching them how clouds form in the atmosphere with this easy experiment.

Kid-Approved, Farmhouse-Themed Painted Story Rocks Jun 5, 2019

Let their imaginations run wild with these super simple story rocks.

How to Make Your Own Scratch Art May 28, 2019

Scratch art is guaranteed to entertain the kids for hours at summer camp or during a lazy crafternoon. See how easy it is to make …

Justina Blakeney's Latest Product Collaboration Will Bring Jungalow Style to Your First Aid Kit Jun 4, 2019

Adventure awaits this summer, so be prepared to bandage up the signs of a day well spent in style with these healing bandages at T …

Make Delicious S'mores With a DIY Solar Oven Jun 13, 2019

Learn how to harness the energy of the sun to make ooey-gooey s'mores. Kids will love this fun (and tasty) science experiment.

Kid-Friendly Craft Project: Tissue Paper Transfer Art May 15, 2019

Kids of all ages will enjoy creating mesmerizing works of art as they experiment with this unique "bleeding" tissue paper.

Kid-Friendly Craft Project: Salad Spinner Art May 28, 2019

Get crafty with paint and a salad spinner and make colorful works of art with your little ones. Spin art is perhaps the most fun, …

How to Grow Glittering Crystal Geodes in Eggshells Jun 13, 2019

Part craft project and part science experiment, this hands-on crystal-growing activity will fascinate your kids.

Kid-Friendly Craft Project: How to Make Bubble Art May 28, 2019

Bubble art is a great craft project for kids of all ages, but it's especially ideal for the 3- to 6-year-old crowd who just can’t …

The Best Apps to Use to Get Your Kids Interested in Nature Apr 26, 2019

Integrate digital technologies into your family's outdoor experiences to encourage a deeper understanding of the natural world.

How to Paint Pour – With Kids May 28, 2019

Undoubtedly one of the messiest of painting trends, paint pouring is nothing short of good, sloppy, creative fun. We’re not tackli …

Have a Beach Day at Home With This DIY Moldable Sand Jun 13, 2019

If your kids love building sandcastles at the beach, this shapeable sand will keep them entertained for hours. Find out how to mak …

Kid-Friendly Art Project: Raised Salt Painting May 28, 2019

The reaction of water and salt is a visible phenomenon if you use watercolor paints, which is why this simple, kid-friendly art pr …

How to Make a Paper Airplane Apr 10, 2019

Learn the simple steps for high-flying fun with this tutorial on five basic paper airplane patterns.

How to Build the Ultimate Kiddie Kitchen Apr 5, 2019

Give your tiny chef the kitchen they deserve while giving a piece of old furniture new life.

Kids Can "Play" Spring Cleaning With This Tiny Dyson Vacuum Replica (That Works!) Apr 4, 2019

This clever toy that has more than 3,700 reviews on Amazon might just be the secret to getting your kids to enjoy chores. Plus, it …

Use Shaving Cream to Create Easy, Marbleized Easter Eggs Feb 22, 2019

Give wooden eggs a fuss-free marbleized effect with inexpensive items you likely already have on hand.

Easily (and Cheaply!) Craft Watercolor Easter Eggs Feb 25, 2019

Give wooden eggs a colorful and totally on-trend Easter makeover using items you probably already have on-hand. You can keep the a …

How to Make a No-Sew Sock Bunny Feb 21, 2019

Upcycle an old sock into an adorable bunny — no sewing involved. This budget-friendly project only requires a handful of materials …

Give Your Lonely Gloves a New Lease on Life Feb 11, 2019

Turn those sad, single gloves into well-loved monsters in a few simple steps.

Count Down to Easter With a DIY Advent Calendar Feb 7, 2019

Put those plastic eggs and basket to use in the 12 days leading up to the Easter Bunny’s arrival with this easy project that’ll he …

From Toddlers to Teens: How to Encourage Kids to Help With Housecleaning Feb 11, 2019

Start 'em young! Set expectations for doing chores, and make it easier for kids to learn how to clean their spaces.

Break a Leg! DIY Doorway Puppet Theater Jan 7, 2019

Give your kids a taste of the spotlight without leaving home.

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