Waterside Retreats: Serene Retreat in Martha's Vineyard

This lovely farmhouse in Martha's Vineyard includes a great room with exposed beams, as well as a wall of glass doors and soaring windows for easy access to the outdoors. A huge stone fireplace dominates the living room, while the master bedroom features built-in shelving and whitewashed finishes for a truly serene setting.

Photo By: Eric Roth

Photo By: Eric Roth

Photo By: Eric Roth

Photo By: Eric Roth

Photo By: Eric Roth

Photo By: Eric Roth

Photo By: Eric Roth

Photo By: Eric Roth

Photo By: Eric Roth

Photo By: Eric Roth

Photo By: Eric Roth

Photo By: Eric Roth

Photo By: Eric Roth

Photo By: Martha's Vineyard Interior Design

Photo By: Eric Roth

Photo By: Eric Roth

Photo By: Eric Roth

Photo By: Eric Roth

Photo By: Eric Roth

Photo By: Eric Roth

Photo By: Eric Roth

Neutral, Rustic Great Room in Martha's Vineyard

The great room in this neutral, rustic Martha's Vineyard home features ample seating and broad windows. A dining table for ten is situated to take advantage of the sweeping coastal view. Natural wood sheathes the walls, floor and ceiling, creating a pale palette that feels fresh and casual. Clerestory windows line the long side walls, bathing the space in sunlight.

Neutral, Rustic Great Room with Exposed Beams

Natural wood beams and exposed architectural details turn this wide-open living space into a rustic-chic haven. Woven textures and pale upholstered furnishings lend the room casual elegance. Industrial-style pendants provide light throughout the space.

Neutral, Rustic Living and Dining Room in Martha's Vineyard

Casual seating and dining areas overlook a spectacular view at this Martha's Vineyard rustic-contemporary home. Windows lining three walls let in maximum sunlight and bring the outdoors in. Slipcovered seating gives the space a homey, relaxing vibe that invites visitors to put their feet up. A rustic round table offers a perfect spot for a casual lunch or morning coffee.

Neutral, Rustic Living Room with Stone Fireplace

A stone fireplace extends to the ceiling in this rustic-chic Martha's Vineyard living room, drawing the eye up to take in the room's soaring dimensions and exposed architectural details. Furnishings are harmonious and neutral.

Neutral, Rustic Kitchen and Living Area

Pale woods and clean lines define the main living spaces of this rustic, yet contemporary Martha's Vineyard home. Details like wood beam ceilings, open kitchen shelving and barn doors on a sliding track give the space the feel of a modern farmhouse. Soft colors open it up and reflect light.

White, Rustic Kitchen with Open Shelving

This rustic-chic Martha's Vineyard home plays hard, and its streamlined kitchen works hard, too. White cabinetry lines the bottom half of three walls, while open shelving above offers stylish storage space. Exposed beams on the ceiling add to the room's rustic flair.

Rustic Bench in Martha's Vineyard Farmhouse

This cute and eye-catching vignette features fun artwork and pillows that give a nod to the rural, coastal setting. Natural woods and exposed beams result in a space that's rustic, yet super-chic.

Neutral, Rustic Mudroom in Martha's Vineyard

Built-in storage creates a functional space for flat and hanging storage in this Martha's Vineyard mudroom. Metal piping and pale wood shelves blend to give the space a rustic-industrial vibe that flows with the rest of the modern farmhouse-style home. The peaked, beamed ceiling provides an open and airy feel.

White, Contemporary Staircase in Rustic-Chic Home

A contemporary staircase winds through this light-filled stairwell, sleekly teaming with the adjoining great room's rustic-industrial vibe.

Casual Reading Nook in Rustic East Coast Home

Built-in shelving and a comfy chair and ottoman create an idyllic reading spot in this rustic-chic Martha's Vineyard home. The doors open to a beautiful water view, while inside, neutral hues and natural fibers infuse the space with casual elegance.

Neutral, Rustic Niche with Stone Wall, Sink

A stone wall and natural wood tones lend this sink niche a rustic, earthy vibe.

Seating Nook in Rustic Living Space

A pair of wood-framed woven chairs creates a cozy nook for reading or conversation in this chic, rustic-industrial living space. Natural woods and woven fibers blend to form a casually elegant home that mixes farmhouse rusticity with urbane style.

White Rustic-Industrial Bathroom with Vessel Sink

Exposed pipes lend an industrial vibe to a guest bath in this rustic-chic Martha's Vineyard home. A cleanly framed mirror hangs atop a sleek vessel sink. White walls and natural woods throughout give the home a restful, relaxing charm.

White Rustic Bedroom with Beams, Built-Ins

A partition with built-ins divides this rustic, casual bedroom from the rooms beyond. Whitewashed finishes and soft white bedding give the room a lush, relaxed feel. Exposed beams tie the space to its setting and fit with the living area's rustic vibe.

White Farmhouse Bedroom with Natural Wood Sitting Area

This light-filled bedroom is ideally oriented to take advantage of its stunning view. The sleeping area is whitewashed and peaceful, with a peaked, beamed ceiling and plush white bedding. In the attached sitting area, natural wood ties the space to its setting and gives a nod to the home's polished rusticity.

White, Rustic Bedroom with Window Seat

The window seat in this rustic, yet luxurious bedroom frames a view as pretty as a postcard. The Martha's Vineyard home features farmhouse details and soft, pale finishes that give it a dreamlike quality. A sitting room and patio connect to the bedroom via pocket doors.

Rustic Master Suite with Built-In Room Divider

A central structure composed of natural wood divides this rustic-yet-luxurious master retreat, creating storage as well as wall space to accommodate a dual vanity and, on the other side, a bed. Mirrors with contemporary side lights hang above two sinks and a vanity. Pale finishes, like the white countertop and white beamed ceiling, give the space an airy, ethereal feel.

White Rustic Bath with Casual Elegance

Cool stone mixes with rustic wood beams and nubby textures in this farmhouse-chic master bath. The entire space is whitewashed and neutral, lending it a relaxed, restful vibe. Pendant lighting adds equal parts style and function.

White, Transitional Bathroom in Martha's Vineyard Farmhouse

A narrow bath takes maximum advantage of both its space and its views, with a window placed between two sleek sinks. Narrow mirrors provide function without detracting from the room's gorgeous views and copious natural light.

White Rustic Bedroom in Martha's Vineyard

The bedroom of this stylish, rustic Martha's Vineyard retreat features a whitewashed palette, built-in window seat niche and loads of storage space. The peaked, beamed ceiling is painted white to create an open, airy feel. Ample windows usher in the sunshine.

Neutral, Rustic Doorway in Martha's Vineyard Great Room

A rear doorway opens to the lush, rolling terrain of Martha's Vineyard. The pale wood finishes of this neutral great room give it an open and airy vibe that feels both rustic and contemporary. A split wood beam above the doorway adds character as well as structural support.

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