Waterside Retreats: Industrial Home on Potomac River

Built right on the water, this industrial-style home in Northumberland County, Va. is surrounded by quiet marshland. The property includes two spacious detached garages and an interior that pairs rustic and industrial details with minimal decor. Walls of windows and a vaulted ceiling allow the home to take full advantage of the surrounding lake view.

Photo By: Maxwell Mackenzie

Photo By: Maxwell Mackenzie

Photo By: Maxwell Mackenzie

Photo By: Maxwell Mackenzie

Photo By: Maxwell Mackenzie

Photo By: Maxwell Mackenzie

Photo By: Maxwell Mackenzie

Photo By: Maxwell Mackenzie

Photo By: Maxwell Mackenzie

Photo By: Maxwell Mackenzie

Photo By: Maxwell Mackenzie

Photo By: Maxwell Mackenzie

Photo By: Maxwell Mackenzie

Photo By: Maxwell Mackenzie

Photo By: Maxwell Mackenzie

Photo By: Maxwell Mackenzie

Photo By: Maxwell Mackenzie

Photo By: Maxwell Mackenzie

Photo By: Maxwell Mackenzie

Photo By: Maxwell Mackenzie

Photo By: Maxwell Mackenzie

Industrial Bridge Leads to Identical Garages

Those industrial details continue to the back of the house, where a long dock lined with cables leads to two spacious garages. With dark gray shingles and identical A-frames, the structures bring stunning symmetry to the natural landscape.

Wood Dock Connects Industrial Home to Mainland

To make this industrial home feel more in tune with its surroundings, the architects built the lot right on the water. A long wooden deck extends from the mainland, providing easy-access to the shore while ensuring the home remains peaceful and secluded.

Guard Rail, Steel Cables Keeps Bridge Safe and Secure

A guard rail with steel cables keeps the bridge safe and secure for visitors. Here, guests can take an evening stroll over the water and then head back to the spacious main house.

Blue Lights Illuminate Waterfront Home at Night

As the sun dips towards the horizon, this waterfront home casts a gentle evening glow of its own. Blue lights illuminate the bridge and ensure that guests can safely find their way back to the main house.

Industrial Waterfront Home Sets Serene Tone

Soothing blue lights illuminate this industrial waterfront home at night, creating a stunning display on the water. Large boulders line the lot and create a safe channel for passing boats.

Living Room Pairs Industrial, Rustic Details

To soften the living room's more industrial elements, like the concrete floors and steel-grid windows, the architects infused the space with light wood beams and ceiling panels. With these rustic textures at play, the home better complements its natural surroundings.

Comfortable, Contemporary Seating in Living Room

On either end of a sleek, modern coffee table, two neutral sectionals provide plush seating for visitors. A camel leather chair adds subtle style to the room, while also complementing the light wood details of the space.

Modern Living Room Plays With Light and Shadow

With walls of windows and vaulted ceilings, this living room makes broad use of light and shadow. The result is a space that's visually interesting from morning to night, with minimal decor to distract from the natural beauty of the water.

Contemporary Kitchen Includes Stainless Island

Around the corner, smooth concrete floors lead into this spacious, contemporary kitchen. A large stainless steel island anchors the space, providing extra room for meal-prep, while wood cabinets offer ample storage options.

Contemporary Kitchen Pairs Chrome Fixtures, Wood Cabinetry

Where clean lines and chrome fixtures make this kitchen feel sleek and modern, light wood cabinets provide a touch of natural warmth and texture. In turn, the space is beautifully balanced, ideal for entertaining guests or enjoying a quiet dinner for two.

Contemporary Master Suite With Neutral Hues

Upstairs, a large platform bed and white-painted fireplace create a soothing neutral master suite. With severals windows spread throughout the room, the space is rich with natural light and feels a little ethereal in turn.

Soothing Gray and White Master Bathroom

An attached bath gives the owners room to cool off after a long day by the water. Smooth gray tile surrounds the spacious tub, adding subtle interest to the white walls, while sconce and recessed lighting further the clean design.

Modern Guest Bath With Light Wood Accents

Down the hall, guests can enjoy their own private bathroom, complete with a stall shower and sleek wood vanity. A small chandelier illuminates the room, making the small space feel light and airy.

Outdoor Sitting Area With Contemporary Style

Durable, weatherproof furnishings ensure that the deck stays clean and comfortable year-round. With two plush sectionals and four lounge chairs across the way, guests can kick back and enjoy a meal or conversation late into the evening.

Rustic Deck Features Neutral Lounge Chairs

Stepping down from the living room leads to a rustic deck overlooking the water. Two neutral lounge chairs wait at the ready for guests who want to sunbathe or watch boats meander across the lake.

Glass-Enclosed Hall Blurs Lines Between Indoors and Out

Thin black trim and windows on all sides make walking upstairs feel like floating through air, blurring the lines between the home's interior and exterior. Face the front of the hall and enjoy a clear line of sight straight to the water.

Outdoor Breezeway Features Industrial Lighting

For a seamless transition from one part of the home to the next, the architects installed an outdoor breezeway enclosed in glass. Industrial light fixtures keep the space well-lit and ensure that the interior and exterior feel cohesive.

Industrial Exterior Comprised of Glass, Metal

A closer look at the exterior of this industrial home reveals expansive glass windows set within a sleek metal frame. A sharp-slanted roof not only provides shelter and shade on a hot summer's day, but also encourages airflow through the interior.

Industrial Waterfront Home Sheltered by Marsh, Boulders

Surrounded by freshwater and marsh on all sides, this industrial home in Northumberland County, Va., becomes a secluded retreat from the city. Large boulders layer the landscape and protect the home from potential wakes.

Waterfront Home Includes Two Separate Garages

Four large structures comprise this waterfront property, with a long wooden bridge connecting the main house to two garages out back. In the distance, tall trees keep the area cool with shade and greenery.

Industrial Waterfront Home Shines at Dawn

With walls of windows and sleek metal details, this industrial waterfront home glints and gleams in the early morning. Calm marshland surrounds the home and provides refuge for local wildlife.

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