Living Spaces: Warm Wood-Infused Living Room

This renovated living room and kitchen area was opened to improve the flow between the two spaces. Primarily neutral, the transitional living room features a fireplace with barn wood surround as well as cedar beams to create a coffered ceiling.

Photo By: Leslee Mitchell

Photo By: Leslee Mitchell

Photo By: Leslee Mitchell

Photo By: Leslee Mitchell

Photo By: Leslee Mitchell

Photo By: Leslee Mitchell

Photo By: Leslee Mitchell

Photo By: Leslee Mitchell

Photo By: Leslee Mitchell

Photo By: Leslee Mitchell

Photo By: Leslee Mitchell

Photo By: Leslee Mitchell

Photo By: Leslee Mitchell

Neutral Transitional Living Room With Wood Beam Fireplace

At first, this living room didn't have much architectural structure. So to add definition and texture, the designer added cedar beams on the ceiling and Tennessee barn wood to surround the fireplace.

Neutral Transitional Living Room With Gray Lamps

In a white or neutral room, a few dark elements can help ground the space. Here, cedar beams and a barn wood fireplace do the job.

White Transitional Living Room With Orange Tulips

In this residence, the homeowner wanted a light, predominantly white space. The designer achieved that goal and made the space family-friendly by incorporating durable finishes and outdoor fabrics.

White Built-In Bookshelf With Photos

Keep full bookshelves from feeling cluttered by mixing up how you stack books—some upright, some lying down—and interspersing them with family photos and artwork.

White Built-In Bookshelf With Photos

Family photos give life to this built-in bookshelf and the beige frames are a smart contrast to the books' white and gray.

Clear End Table and White Armchair

A clear end table lets lots of sunlight stream into the room—not a ray is blocked!—enhancing the airy feel set up by the light color palette.

Open Living Room With Blue Pillows and Kitchen

Pops of turquoise infuse fun into this neutral living room and connect the space with the cheery colors in the open concept kitchen nearby.

Renovated Open Concept Gives Home a Better Flow and Function

Designers started this renovation with an overhaul of the design of the home. The kitchen and dining room were once spaces that felt closed in and claustrophobic. The young family had little room to move around and enjoy their space together, so designers created an open floor concept that would give the house a better flow and give the family more space to live and cook together in their kitchen.

Open Concept Kitchen with Island and Black Interior Doors

The renovation of this Nashville, TN kitchen began with opening up the claustrophobic floor plan and adding a large island for the young family to live and work around. Then, designers added a neutral color palette with pops of color from the kitchen ware and vinyl teal counter stools. Finally, doors were painted black to add some drama and architectural interest to a space that lacked both things before the renovation.

Neutral Color Palette with Pops of Color in Renovated Nashville Kitchen

Before the renovation, this kitchen had little room for the young family who owned it to move around and cook together, so designers overhauled the floor plan, creating the space for a kitchen island. Designers kept the color palette light and neutral with white cabinets and trim, honed black pearl granite and white Caesarstone, making the space feel more open. They then added color with bright kitchen ware and bold counter stools that are vinyl and can easily be wiped clean.

Neutral Kitchen with Colorful Servingware

Funky kitchen pieces, such as this striped pitcher, the vintage strainer, teal dutch oven and stainless steel bowl containing lemons, help to add color to this newly renovated kitchen.

Custom Vent Cover Made From Reclaimed Barn Wood from Local Tennessee Farm in Remodeled Kitchen

In this kitchen, elegant simplicity is the name of the game. Old appliances were removed to add new, commercial grade appliances to accommodate the young family. Easy to clean Caesarstone countertops were added to the cabinets, and color was added to the neutral, elegant space by adding colorful kitchen ware. Then, designers added a custom range hood cover made from reclaimed barn wood from a local Tennessee farm, adding texture to the space.

Large Island Added to Renovated Nashville Kitchen

This young Nashville family wanted a kitchen that they could live and work in, so designers incorporated a huge kitchen island to suit the family's needs. The countertop is made from durable and easily cleaned honed black pearl granite. Designers customized the thickness of this countertop to be 2.5", adding even more substance and weight to the island. Designers also added durable teal vinyl counter stools to give the neutral kitchen a pop of color.

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