Honorable Mention: Art Studio With Industrial Elements

An artist needed a quiet space that would call her to create. Designer Heather Washburn delivered a secluded studio tucked away from the main house, where wire mesh walls and industrial lights allow for working on a variety of projects. 

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Photo By: Spike Mafford Photography

Photo By: Spike Mafford Photography

Photo By: Spike Mafford Photography

Photo By: Spike Mafford Photography

Photo By: Spike Mafford Photography

Photo By: Spike Mafford Photography

Photo By: Spike Mafford Photography

Exterior: Nautilus Artist Studio With Overhang

By broadening the underside, the exposed beams reach from inside the studio out into a six-foot overhang toward the landscape and main house creating a haven for the family to gather and relax. The wedge shape for the studio is based on a golden rectangle that was squeezed by sight constraints.

Exterior: Nautilus Modern Artist Studio With Overhang

We found inspiration in the spirals of the Nautilus, which are reflected in the studios placement on the site and in the section of the building. The six foot roof overhang was designed to provide the artist working space outdoors where she can stay dry when it starts to rain. The overhang also keeps direct sun from hitting the textiles outside.

Open Work Spaces in Nautilus Artist Studio

The open workspaces are split into a dry space for textiles and wet for painting. The spaces are flexible and the custom wheeled furniture can be set up on the fly to adjust to the needs of the artist.

Custom Railing in Nautilus Artist Studio

Custom railing is comprised of 3x3 welded wire mesh edged with metal angles and the cap is painted hardwood.

Custom Ladder Leading to Loft in Nautilus Artist Studio

This ladder leads to the loft in between the wet and dry workspaces of this Nautilus Artist Studio.

Interior of Nautilus Artist Studio

Custom Ladder leads to loft in-between the wet and dry spaces of the artist textile studio.

Exterior of Artist Studio

An artist wanted a space that would call her to create. The studio is tucked in between existing trees in close proximity to the main house providing a visual connection to her family that can easily be broken and re-established.

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